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Round Bed, Rocking Me to Dreamland

But will it make me seasick?

A man I know in Costa Rica lives at the top of a mountain in an open-air home. It’s not nearly as pretty as the picture you see above, being as that it’s made of a scrap wood frame paired with corrugated metal sheets. Nonetheless, I get the feeling that one of these floating beds would fit perfectly in with his charmingly rustic decor. What I’m not to sure about is whether these round, hanging beds are actually comfortable.

The site claims that they’re not only comfy, they’re also healthy.

The floating motion is scientifically designed to reactivate a deep relaxation response in our cellular memory. It will dramatically improve your sleep, or spare moments of relaxation. It is a powerful remedy for the problems of modern living.

Bunker than a bunk bed? I hope not. At $3195 for a queen size bed frame without any bells and whistles, it had better deliver on its promises.

2 Responses to “Round Bed, Rocking Me to Dreamland”

  1. Kimberly December 17, 2007 at 5:39 pm #

    Okay, I live right outside of Philadelphia, so an open-air hanging bed? Invitation to mayhem, murder, and graffiti. But I have to admit I love the idea of one of these for inside. I’ve fallen asleep on every ferry I’ve ever driven my car onto – the rocking motion really DOES make you drop off fast. And wouldn’t it be great to see the cats try to launch themselves on and off of this?