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I like it LOUD | Manolo for the Home

I like it LOUD

Ever since I got into sewing–thanks, in part, to some gracious tips left in the comments by Manolo for the Brides readers–I’ve been enamored with all of the great fabrics out there. The ones I like most either have really striking patterns or really vivid colors, so imagine my pleasure when I opened my new Pottery Barn catalog to find nothing but!

I’m too engaged to sleep!

Intricate embroidery will cost you, if a lumbar pillow cover that costs $79 is any indication. I’m going to guess it was machine embroidery, which is something the ladies at the sewing center I frequent seem to do without eighty bucks worth of effort. But maybe they jut make it look easy!

And they’re suitable for outdoor use!

These pretty yellow and green tossers only look delicate. They’re made for open-air use, and polyester inside and out means that you can leave them out in the rain without fretting overmuch.

Get the chair or just the slip cover

The fabric on this armless chair will dominate a room. Luckily, when it goes out of style and you just can’t stand it anymore, Pottery Barn sells slipcovers in a bazillion other fabrics.

A pretty way to protect the table

The weird thing is that as much as I love the items featured above–including these darling placemats–I simply can’t bring myself to drop a big wad of cash on an overly dramatic chair or bedding set. The pillows? Can do, especially as they’re on sale. The placemats? Probably, especially as they remind me of my grandparents. But I’ve watched too many fabulous patterns come and go in my lifetime. I know that the chair that dazzles today will eventually be screaming out for a more sedate slipcover. Then, in two decades or so, the original print will be suddenly deemed vintage cool. Lather, rinse, repeat, spending all the while!

2 Responses to “I like it LOUD”

  1. leeapeea March 26, 2008 at 8:16 am #

    I’m with you on the chair, NtB. These items are for the people who can afford to change their furnature because they *feel* like it, not because it’s broken or worn out. And I’m pretty mistrustful of slip covers – they tend to slip more than cover. Although, this chair looks like a cover would actually stay put. Or, it would be pretty easy to recover yourself.

  2. Never teh Bride March 26, 2008 at 12:37 pm #

    Exactly, leeapeea. While these things do come back into style years and years later, what is one supposed to do in the intervening years?!