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Fish as Furniture | Manolo for the Home

But Are They Happy?

Fish, as pets, can be kind of like furniture. Unless you take the time to train your goldfish — which, as I recently found out, you can — your aquarium is basically another television channel. Nothing on cable? Let’s see what the fish are doing. Nonetheless, actually turning fish into furniture strikes me as a little weird.

Fish Bowl Bookends

Can fish be truly happy living as bookends or wall art? I’m not prepared to guess. But if I ever buy my cats the gift that keeps on giving, i.e., a whole bunch of live fish, I think I’ll put them in a good large tank with all manner of hidey holes and plants.

One Response to “But Are They Happy?”

  1. Vaggy January 25, 2009 at 1:35 am #

    I’d just worry that those bowls are too small for most fish. I know they keep betas in cups at the pet store, but are they meant to stay in such tiny enclosures?