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Nerd Alert!

By Christa Terry

I feel like I’m allowed to call people nerds because I myself am a first rate nerd. I love Doctor Who (old and new) and Battlestar Galactica and, yes, Star Treks of all flavors. I will say, however, that I think I would stop far short of asking Tony Alleyne of 24th Century Interior Design to redo my house in sci-fi style. If a friend transformed their house into a tribute to Star Trek, I would certainly admire their dedication, but all-in-all, it’s just not for me. Perhaps it is for you?

Star Trek house

24th Century Interior Design

Star Trek

Alleyne remodels houses and apartments to look like exact replicas of rooms on the Enterprise of ST:tng, with fewer replicators and more everyday amenities like sinks, toilets, and shower stalls. For those who are both intrigued and financially stable enough to afford the service he provides, I hope you like neon and useless flat-panel interfaces!

5 Responses to “Nerd Alert!”

  1. Nariya Says:

    But it’s so dark! 🙁

  2. Never teh Bride Says:

    Agreed, Nariya. Just to show you how nerdy I am, I wondered if all the designers interiors were mapped out from shots of the show where the officers were up on the battle bridge (where the lights are perpetually dim).

  3. Jelly Says:

    Nariya, NtB, I agree, but my geeky little heart is jumping up and down, pointing, and shouting, “Want! Want!”

    I don’t remember the rest of the Enterprise being so foreboding, though. Perhaps it’s for dramatic photographing?

    When the doors open, do they make that ‘whooshing’ sound?

  4. Never teh Bride Says:

    Jelly: I bet you could program something or other to make the sound! And indeed, the Enterprise of tng fame was quite brightly lit unless it was during a red alert. Perhaps the designer is expecting his clients would prefer to live in a constant state of high awareness?

  5. Nariya Says:

    Actually, NtB, it also reminds me of Engineering from TnG. It was always dark in engineering, except for the bluish light from the warp core. Or perhaps Voyager. All of Voyager was dark.

    Just needed to confirm my geekiness. Thx.

    Maybe he has a special light setting to give it that authentic feel? Also, I wonder if windows are allowed in his design aesthetic. I feel like it would be weird to look out of the star trek transporter room and see a child on a tricycle and the picket fence across the street.

    Does it come with Patrick Stewart?

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