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The Egg Cracker?

Needs versus wants has come up quite a bit on my little corner of the blogging world, both as it pertains to weddings and as it pertains to outfitting one’s kitchen. We’ve seen hot chocolate cups and useless kitchen gadgets and even the Pasta Pronta.

Now, in the tradition of the egg pricker, we have the egg cracker.

egg cracker

But it’s not just any old egg cracker! It’s the Swarovski crystal egg cracker, which adds a little glamour to breakfast time.

The Clack Egg Cracker is the essential kitchen gadget and ideal gift for those who love their boiled eggs perfectly sliced. No more whacking eggs with the back of a spoon and having to peel off bits of shell. No more attempting to make a perfect slice with a knife without letting it slip. Just a perfectly cut shell.

This strikes me as one of those things one might see on an infomercial featuring sad looking folks who are too clumsy to open a plastic bag, marinate a chicken, or yes, peel a soft boiled egg. I realize that this particular kitchen gadget wouldn’t take up too much room in a drawer or cabinet, but when you add to it all of the other useless kitchen gadgets in the world, you might just have a bit of a clutter problem.

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