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Yellow and Teal: A Love Affair | Manolo for the Home

Yellow and Teal: A Love Affair

Yellow by itself can be striking or calming, depending on the shade. In some cultures, yellow was the animating color for life, and it suggests joy, gaiety, and merriment. In decor, yellow is often one of the first colors people notice because it has a tendency to catch the eye. And yet, yellow can soothe, as is evident here:

yellow in living room

Then there is teal. This color can have an old-fashioned 50s and 60s retro feel, but with an unexpected sophistication and richness. Teal can signify trustworthiness, devotion, and healing. I cannot argue with the vintage feel of teal. Observe:

teal office

When combined, yellow and teal are striking, especially if one color or the other is used as an accent color:

yellow and teal

From Canadian House and Home: “In this new ode to a Grecian urn—as well as busts, vases and goblets—Palladian principles of scale and symmetry mix with fun colours, while decorative laurels, pearls and rosettes add authenticity. Black chairs and lampshades offer striking contrast to the yellow wall.”

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