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Blogwatch: loving. living. small.

I’ve known the joys and sorrows of occupying and decorating small spaces, which is why I tend to come back to the topic again and again here at Manolo for the Home. And there’s no shortage of blogs dedicated to small space living, though I’ve just recently found one I simply have to share. loving. living. small. is written by a female in marketing in Los Angeles. Hey, that’s just what the blogger’s profile says!

small apartment decorating

So what’s great about loving. living. small.? From decorating small to eating small to effectively working clutter in a small space, loving. living. small. is like a bible for those of us whose houses or apartments aren’t exactly what you’d call expansive. My own home only clocks in at 1,100 square feet because the seller decided to include the finished basement in the equation. Take that away, and you end up with a four-bedroom home that is totally teeny. Maybe not as small as some of the apartments I lived in post-university, but small enough to ensure that I’m still a huge fan of this topic. If you can relate, go and check out this blog.

One more thing: loving. living. small. will be updating to a custom url soon, so be on the lookout for that change. The good news is that when it happens, loving. living. small. will still redirect via Blogger so it won’t just disappear.

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