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Chalkboard Paint Kitchen | Manolo for the Home

‘Just Write It Down’ Made Easy

Shopping lists. To-do lists. The lists we use to consolidate all those other lists we have lying around. What, you don’t do that? Maybe it’s just me. I’ll admit that I’m a serious listmaker. A friend of mine just up and painted her kitchen cabinets with chalkboard paint — though please note that the kitchen below isn’t actually hers.

chalkboard paint cabinets

Of course, chalkboard paint isn’t just for kitchen cabinets!

chalkboard paint cabinets

You might consider putting it on a board in the bathroom for when you get momentous ideas while soaking in the tub.

chalkboard paint cabinets

And naturally it’s fab in kids’ rooms… as long as you can deal with the inevitable chalk dust. I recommend combining this trend with something other than carpet, no matter which room you choose to put it in.

(Images via Everything Fabulous, The Homebound, and Our 100 year old Logan Utah home)>

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