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Hanging Art In Groups | Manolo for the Home

Inspiration: Grouping Photos and Wall Art

Arranging wall art creatively shouldn’t be a frightening or overwhelming task, but the fact is many people are intimidated by the idea of doing anything other than side-to-side framed photos or paintings. The key to grouping success, however, isn’t talent but prep work. Decide ahead of time what pictures should go in what rooms, and where those pictures will look best grouped. If you have any kind of smaller, offset, or unusually shaped walls, consider using them as your canvas.

Here are some examples of arrangements that complement the rooms they’re in:

grouping pictures

grouping art 2

grouping pictures 2

wall frames

silhouettes in frames

low frames

If you’re not quite sure how to start grouping framed photos or artwork on your walls, you can always begin with a unifying element. Think frame color, the size and shape of your pictures, or a theme. Design Hole posted a gorgeous primer for those people who want to cover their walls with images in a fun yet beautiful and cohesive way. Check it out here (and then go read the rest of that delightful blog)!

Of course, you could just go nuts and end up with something like this…

frames crazy

Or this…


Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

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