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Holiday Gifts, This Time From Atypyk

The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming! Aaargh! No matter how hard I try, I cannot avoid the slow drag that leads toward December’s end and masses of money spent on others. Not that I mind buying holiday gifts, of course. It’s just the shopping and the shipping and the wrapping and the packing and the traveling. The hassle, really. I long for simpler times, when no one expected holiday gifts of me, and my crudely fashioned macaroni necklace was the biggest hit of Christmas.

In that spirit, here are some sweet holiday gifts from Atypyk that are playful and reasonably priced. It’s almost like you made them yourself, but you didn’t. You picked them out yourself, though, or you can tell people you did. They’re holiday gifts for the quirky and forgiving loved ones in your life, not those recipients expecting a boc from Nordstrom. I guess you could package any or all of these in an old Nordstrom box, thus confusing your recipients.

pizza slice plate

Why waste a whole plate on a slice when you could put your slice on a pizza slice plate? Less space, sure, but also less to wash.

six pack vase

Quench your flowers’ thirst in eco-friendly containers. Drink beer first, though. Or soda. You give a little to get a little to give a little with a six pack vase.

no slip banana

Bananas are good for your health, and no-slip bananas are no exception. Step one: Peel off bananas. Apply them to the bath floor, bathtub or shower stall. Step two: No slip-and-fall anymore.

wine bottle rolling pin

Who hasn’t used a wine bottle as a rolling pin, in a pinch? I’ve done it plenty, and I actually own a rolling pin. Give bakers without rolling pins something chic in the form of a wine bottle rolling pin.

One Response to “Holiday Gifts, This Time From Atypyk”

  1. kt December 16, 2009 at 9:18 am #

    oooh i love the bananas. looove.