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The Gift of Perplexity

A puzzle box is a container that can only be opened using some obscure and often unexpected form of manipulation. It can be as simple as pressing a hidden button on the side of the box or as complicated as turning the box in space so many times. Variations can be found all over the world — Costa Rica, Vietnam, Poland, and Turkey, to name a few countries — though Japanese puzzle boxes seem to be the most common. I like to give them as gifts because I’m mean like that.

puzzle boxpuzzle boxpuzzle box
puzzle boxpuzzle boxpuzzle box

The examples above all came from Amazon and can be had with a click. For the gift giver, puzzle boxes are a little bit of harmless sadism. For the gift recipient, they’re as fun as they can be frustrating, especially when there’s something like a gift card, a spot of cash, or a piece of jewelry hidden inside.

One Response to “The Gift of Perplexity”

  1. makati December 11, 2009 at 12:17 am #

    I really love stuff that will help in thinking development as well, as things that can be be used as an accessory in the house or office.

    This box would be great in cubicles for teh office worker needing a brain boost.