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Heat That’s Hot

When you can’t live without something, you can at least make it look good. Heat, for example, is something those of us in certain parts of the world cannot do without, which means that radiators and other heating elements tend to get the shaft. It’s there, we accept it, and we move on to “more important” things like the color of our walls. But why should the humble workhorse that is the radiator not have a chance to live a life of high style? Radiators drab? I just say no. Check these flashy numbers out for a little taste of what I’m talking about.

decorative radiator 1

Colored, European-style radiators that match one’s decor perfectly, whether they’re in the bathroom or the bedroom. Like a nice warm towel or shirt in the morning? Pegler has you covered with bright radiators that are a lot more cheerful and chic than your average heat source.

decorative radiator 2

While some might find these tall hotties a little creepy in the dark of night, they are quite cool. The Oreste & Emma radiator designed by Andrea Crosetta might look best in a public space where it will be seen by a lot of people.

decorative radiator 3

In traditional spaces, cast iron is where it’s at. The Cast Iron Reclamation Company carries gorgeous, old school radiators modeled after those produced in France in the 1890s.

decorative radiator 4

Cast iron doesn’t have to look old fashioned, however. Just look at this unique radiator designed by Joris Laarman for Droog Design. It’s very pretty and modern without being overwhelmingly angular or unfamiliar… it’s like the traditional radiator’s younger cousin.

decorative radiator 5

Of course, if you have established radiators that you cannot replace for financial reasons or because you don’t own your flat, you might be able to incorporate them into your decor. Some people paint their radiators a contrasting color so it stands out, but Wary Meyers Decorative Arts painted this Park Slope radiator to make it blend in.

One Response to “Heat That’s Hot”

  1. Kai Jones December 21, 2009 at 11:30 am #

    Wow, some of those are incredible! But it makes me happy I have a forced-air furnace and instead of decorating around something that takes up wall space, I just have to place furniture so as not to block the air flow.