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Feminine, Not Frou-Frou

It’s been too long since I’ve gotten my girl on, and with Sunday having been Valentine’s Day, it seems like the perfect time to channel some femininity! I’m not talking about ruffles and bows, though, since we can be girly without being wicked lame about it. This isn’t the 80s, after all! I don’t need a floral print couch to feel like a lady (and I can only hope that The Beard appreciates that). I’m working on making my own tiny house a little more girly without going overboard or offending guyish sensibilities, but it’s slow going. To inspire myself, and hopefully you as well, here are six very different feminine interiors.

feminine bedroom II, feminine decor

How can I acknowledge Valentine’s Day and not have at least one room with the appropriate red and white love theme? Especially considering my not-too-recent post about love pillows! I’d say this bedroom is feminine but that a guy wouldn’t balk at the idea of sleeping in it.

feminine kitchen, feminine decor

“Too cute” is how I’d describe this kitchen, and not in a bad way. I happen to love that color of green, particularly when it’s combined with that color of pink. And the shabby chic table? Somebody pinch me! I will say that I’m not sure I’m a fan of that half canister thing hanging on the wall, but nothing’s perfect.

feminine dining room, feminine decor

Blue as feminine? Hell yeah! I adore the blue sideboard, and how about that hutch that isn’t really a hutch? You’ll notice that it’s not deeper than required to display the plates, which I find truly fascinating. A trompe l’oeil hutch?

feminine apartment, feminine interiors

Simple, pretty, and all tucked into the corner of a studio apartment! It may not be the most comfortable way to configure a bedroom, but if you’re short on space, why not?

feminine bedroom, feminine interiors

There had to be some pink because I am me. And here it is. No frills, though, and I love how toned down and casual it is. It’s rumpled, like it could look formal, but oh God, it’s ten a.m. and I didn’t go to bed until dawn so why are you ringing my doorbell?

feminine laundry room, craft room

And finally, another craft room, this one wallpapered in some gorgeous purple confection. Maybe that’s too much purple for you… then again, maybe not. It certainly isn’t too much purple for moi!

(Photos via: Great Interior Design; Ideal Home; Coastal Living; Virgin Media; )

2 Responses to “Feminine, Not Frou-Frou”

  1. Lillian Wiebusch June 3, 2010 at 7:57 am #

    These are beautiful. We did a room up similar to the first one for my daughter when she grew out of being a kid and turned into a young lady. Red and white isa grown up but still feminine color scheme, I think, and she just loves it.

  2. Felipe Pickles July 30, 2010 at 9:16 am #

    So pretty, what an amazing collection of images! <3 them all!