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Spell It Out

Got a message — something like LOVE or POOP or NUMBERONESTUD? Don’t hide what you have to say in a notebook or on your blog. Spelling it out in no uncertain terms is the thing to do these days. Put it on your wall in a frame, even if it’s slightly off color. Stack it on your bureau. Write it on your walls, graffiti style, or slap it up there using some printable decal vinyl. There are a million and one ways to express what you’re thinking in plain old English… or your language of choice.


printers_block_letters 2

printers_block_letters 3

For the purposes of forthright expression in the home, I’m currently loving these printer’s block letters by Sage, Inspired By Life. So what if they’re only replicas? They’re also only £3.25 each, which means you can spell out anything from your kid’s name to your favorite naughty word for less than some fancy wall art you found on Etsy. No offense, Etsy, you know I love you lots and lots.

One Response to “Spell It Out”

  1. The Pidgeon February 26, 2010 at 1:46 am #

    There’s a part of me (a little part, I swear) that wants to buy these and then ue them to spell out dirty messages in my living room. Or just leave the dirty words around like an anagram waiting to be solved. Let people wonder why I’ve spelled SSKC and UFA!