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Where I’d Rather Be

The Beard and I have a porch. It’s pretty beat up. A priority project this summer involves scraping and painting it, cleaning our outdoor furniture, etc. Step one is important because pressure-treated wood can contain arsenic that can be absorbed through the skin during direct contact. That means the baby hasn’t been allowed to play on our porch. Like it says here:

Painting exposed wood surfaces with water-repellent finish, paint, or stain will protect your skin if you lean or kneel on the sides. And if you have small children, it will also prevent CCA compounds moving from little hands to little mouths.

So, yeah, painting is high up on the list. Having a porch we can’t use is no fun. I want my porch so I can having a pretty pink breakfast with homemade cappuccino and pretty flowers and a nice egg and perhaps even some freshly baked bread and jam whipped up by someone I love.


One Response to “Where I’d Rather Be”

  1. Pam May 19, 2010 at 9:48 am #

    I love the idea of a porch, which we don’t have many of here in the Southwest.