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NtB Loves: Couch Cushion Architecture

I can’t recommend Build Blog’s analysis of couch cushion architecture highly enough. As something who is looking very much forward to building couch forts with my daughter once she’s old enough to understand that pillows and cushions aren’t just pads upon which to throw oneself as hard as possible, I loved both Part I and Part II of what should really be an ongoing series.

How could you not love a critical analysis of couch forts? Especially when it reads like this: “A clear derivative of the Miesian box, this handsome project is ‘informalized’ with the use of colorful, freeform roof panels.” (i.e., blankets) and “As a side note it’s always disturbing to see the finish details carried out with such haste in the presence of true structural achievement.” (referring to a hastily tossed blanket)?

One Response to “NtB Loves: Couch Cushion Architecture”

  1. Toni July 19, 2010 at 5:28 pm #

    So. Awesome.