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Inspiration: Novel Ideas | Manolo for the Home

Inspiration: Novel Ideas

Some books are just plain terrible, am I right? Which isn’t to say they didn’t get read or weren’t special to someone, but the people who cared about them once upon a time somehow got them onto your shelves and you (like many readers) just can’t bring yourself to throw away a book. You could just let them continue to sit unread on your shelf or you could do something with them. Something that involves cutting them up or drawing on them, but isn’t it better to turn an unloved book into something loved than to let it fade away into obscurity?

Here are some ideas that I am finding particularly inspiring:

DRAW, PAINT, OR PRINT ON THE PAGES: How sweet is this print from Brambleberry Lane? Pages from a vintage dictionary become the canvas for an old school image of a copper politely suggesting that a perp stop in the name of the law. Buy one for $7.50 or give DIY drawing, painting, or printing a try.

WALLPAPER WITH IT: Pride and Prejudice became wallpaper in this space featured on Apartment Therapy. You could use a favorite book if the notion of reading your walls appeals, or a book you don’t really care about if you just want the look of the printed page.

BUTTON IT UP: While not quite decor, unless you count it as decor for the body or leave a bowl of them out on a sideboard, buttons made out of old book pages with or without a design painted or stamped on can be a lot of fun. DIYing it requires a button maker, but that’s about it!

MAKE A WREATH: Can I say I have wanted to make one of these since I ran across Living With Lindsay’s tutorial a while back? It just looks so easy, though I’ll be the first to admit that my skills are nowhere near equal to Lindsay’s!

OR SOME BUNTING: Ditto for this festive bunting from The Sweetest Occasion.

BLANKET IT: Oh, my, do I ever want this duvet cover from Tiago Da Fonseca! “‘Bedtime Stories‘ tries to simultaneously settle couples fighting for their share of bed sheets whilst also helping out those suffering from insomnia as a different take on reading n bed. All this under an original and cheerful mood.” Is it a blanket, or is it a book? It’s both! And it’s apparently sewn by lady inmates at Tires Prison Facility for Woman in Lisbon.

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2 Responses to “Inspiration: Novel Ideas”

  1. Pam July 25, 2010 at 7:43 am #

    These are great ideas! Love the wallpaper.

  2. Amy Michelle July 28, 2010 at 10:40 am #

    This is definitely one of those things I need to share with my husband, who is a librarian by day. BUT I think he might be a little appalled at the idea of destroying books in the name of decor. His goal is to find a loving home for even the most awful books.