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Multi Drawer Sideboard | Manolo for the Home

Drawers Upon Drawers

How cool is this multi-drawer and multi-door sideboard from Boco Do Lobo? It’s described as being quite versatile, fitting into various decor schemes because its features various styles of drawers and doors, as well as a variety of materials (glass, wood, leather, lacquer, mirrors, and metals).

As you’d expect from a no-doubt wildly expensive piece of furniture such as this, the Mondrian sideboard features hand-carved this and thats, handmade brass pulls, cut glass knobs, luxe fabric lining in different colors, and so on. When it could be had, it could be had in white and black.

The more current version, the Soho sideboard, has a collection of wood drawers finished in mirror and black glass with etched detailing, gold leaf, diamond matched rosewood veneer, high gloss blue lacquer and white lacquer with hand carved relief patterning.

Wouldn’t it make a fun home for crafting and sewing supplies?

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