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Twelve Cubed Tiny Houses | Manolo for the Home

Twelve Cubed Micro Houses

You know already that I love me some tiny houses, whether we’re talking about actual standalone houses, super skinny townhouses, or itty-bitty flats. My new favorite source for these havens of living small is Twelve Cubed, maker of twelve-cubed or ten-cubed micro houses that start at around CDN$24,500.

Featuring a dishwasher, microwave & modern oven combo, bathroom, closet, and plenty of natural light, one of our sustainable cubes has everything you need to make your life, modern, simple, and convenient.

Not bad, not bad! It sounds way more comfortable than some of the tiny houses out there, like apartments made out of closets, caravans with no bathrooms, and spheres you hang in a tree. I still don’t see them catching on in North America any time soon, however. Yes, the average size of newly-built homes is definitely dropping, but not by much, and the average size of a house now is still much bigger than the average size of a house in, say, 1960 (which is then itself much, much bigger than a Cube)

A Cube is set up so it gets its power, water, and sewage disposal handled by the primary house on the lot, so think guest house or home office, not primary residence. It has its own sewage pumping system which allows it to be up to 300 feet from its support house. There is a solar version available that does not need to be plugged into a support house for power, but I’m not sure how water would work.

Check out some interior pics under the break!

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