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Inspiration: Save A Seat

They may not be insanely comfy, but vintage theater seats and stadium seats can be an awesome addition to a super chill household. That’s where I think they belong, anyway, because old stadium seats that have been refinished are still going to be less than perfect. Unless you’re the cool kind of person who thinks unperfect is perfect, dig?

These vintage theater seats were salvaged from a movie theater in Chicago that closed down in the 50’s. Awesome. And they’re for sale for $950 at Rhapsody Attic , which is awesome if you happen to have a thousand bucks around. Plus shipping. A whole lot of shipping.

How can you not love these?

(Images via Rhapsody Attic and Penny’s Enchanting Home)

2 Responses to “Inspiration: Save A Seat”

  1. Kory Shodunke September 23, 2010 at 5:19 pm #

    Sure they’re awesome, but have you seen how expensive they tend to be? No owonder no one is saving them – for those prices, I somehow feel less guilty knowing that vintage theatre seats are going to landfills.

  2. estrickland September 26, 2010 at 5:47 pm #

    These are fun, but the thing is that they are really umcomfortable. At a sports themed wedding I attended, the couple had these as their seats for the sweetheart table, and they told me later that they hated sitting down so they spent the whole reception mingling. Polite, sure, but they’d been planning to install the seats in their house and instead decided to sell them.