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Reeves Design Louis Collection | Manolo for the Home

How to Be Hip With the Reeves Design Louis Collection

I’m having an ‘I want’ day – ever had one of those? It’s partly a matter of circumstance, as all kinds of situations conspire to show you awesome stuff (often it’s awesome stuff you can’t afford). And of course, it’s also a matter of attitude. You have to be in the right frame of mind to have an ‘I want’ day. On an ‘I want’ day, some stuff that would normally evoke nothing more than admiration now temps you mightily.

And so what is it that I’m wanting today? A REEVESdesign Louis Collection dining table!

What’s cool about the furniture in the REEVESdesign Louis Collection? The legs! By splitting one turned leg into quarters, one round becomes four corners.

So on the outside, you get a regular table (or buffet or vanity or bed or chest of drawers or armoire) with straight, angular corners on the outside and inside, beautifully curved legs. This leg scheme gives the REEVESdesign Louis Collection a contemporary baroque feel.

And it’s fun. So I want!

One Response to “How to Be Hip With the Reeves Design Louis Collection”

  1. chatterou October 13, 2010 at 7:35 am #

    Super cute, but does anyone really notice the legs on furniture in an everyday setting? Especially turned corners that look angular from the outside. Seems to me it wouldn’t be worth the expense since 95% of people in your house would never see it.