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DIY Halloween Decor Classy | Manolo for the Home

You *Can* Decorate For Halloween Without Kids

Halloween decorations… no problem, right? You grab some creepy decor, put it up, and you’re done. If you have kids, that is. Then Dollar Store paper pumpkins are usually the order of the day. But if you have time to get crafty and aren’t afraid of little hands undoing your handiwork, you can decorate for Halloween with a little more class.

If you have a mantle, grab a stuffed raven and some black and orange votives, maybe a little hay or some spiderwebs. Arrange them however looks good to you, and enjoy spooking guests.

paper bats halloween outdoors

One of the easiest outdoor Halloween decorations you can DIY is paper bats that swarm around your windows and doorways.

I love these dark and scary, but decidedly grownup Halloween decorations via the gorgeous Life In the Fun Lane!

pumpkin lantern

Another great outdoor Halloween decoration that is a little nicer than your average moldy pumpkin is the DIY pumpkin lantern. It works best in covered areas, like under second floor porches or covered patios, so keep the weather in mind when you decide where to hang it.

And of course, white pumpkins! Grow your own and you’re all set. (Not forgetting, of course, black boas, candelabrum, and skulls!)

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