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How to Deal With Old Photos | Manolo for the Home

Four Ways to Deal With Old Photos

Got photos in boxes (and boxes and boxes)? Because if you were born before a certain year and had any interest in playing with cameras at all, you may just have hundreds or even thousands of old photographs and negatives in your basement or garage or storage unit. And while, much like me, you probably can’t imagine yourself throwing them away, they are taking up valuable real estate.

So what’s a devoted clutter hater with lots of old photos to do? Here are four suggestions:

  • Create an album that tells a story with Rachel of Small Notebook for a Simple Home
  • Digitize them super fast with a one-touch photo scanner (then you can put them on a web site or in a digital frame
  • Cull them! Keep the ones that really mean something to you and make a totally sweet scrapbook with them, then toss the rest – do you really need all those grainy, out-of-focus shots of your sixth grade birthday party?
  • Give them away to your friends and family who either appear in the photos or would just really love to have them – but be sure that the recipient of your extras wants them before you make your photographic clutter someone else’s problem

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  1. Jennie November 19, 2010 at 6:23 pm #

    Love the picture. You look much like her.