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Unusual Mugs, Two Ways

Mugs… if you like hot beverages, you probably have at least one, if not more. Mugs can be a lot of things, from functional and green to cutesiepoo to a little bit silly. I’d say there’s no wrong way to mug it, as long as your chosen mug holds enough coffee, tea, or chocolate for your tastes and isn’t cracked. You might think that mugs are pretty perfect – i.e., there’s not a lot of places a designer could take them – but you’d be wrong. Here are two mugs, one that’s trying to solve what may be a common problem and one that may be solving a problem of which I am unaware.

Unusual mugs, the first: Designed by Jonathan Aspinal for Thelermont Hupton, Link Mugs help solve the carrying of numerous mugs without the need of a tray. Each mug can be plugged into each other so they can be lined up, connected together and transported with two hands. They’re sold in sets of three, but I wonder if you could carry more.

Unusual mugs, the second: German Designer Lisa Grahner created modular mugs (along with other dishware) that have interchangeable magnetic handles. Clic ceramics were shown at Strijp-S Exhibition during Dutch Design Week. If they ever go into production, let’s all hope those magnets are strong.

What’s your favorite mug?

2 Responses to “Unusual Mugs, Two Ways”

  1. Kai Jones December 6, 2010 at 12:40 pm #

    I have a mug with characters from the animated movie “The Incredibles” on it, which is also slanted. That is, it leans, like this one, but the pictures on it are styled like comic book shots.

    I like it best because it’s big and because a lot of people tell me it’s a cool mug.

  2. marvel December 6, 2010 at 8:15 pm #

    I have a hand-thrown ceramic mug that I bought as my own personal souvenir from a trip abroad to Scotland. It is not flashy–a nice, siimple ombre brown design–but it was slightly larger than normal and the curve was _perfect_ for cupping both hands around on cold days. (It is wide at the bottom, slightly tapers on the way up and then flares slightly at the lip. Gorgeous.) A careless roomate broke the handle off years ago but I still have the mug. The shape is just too perfect.