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Michael Richman His & Hers Bath | Manolo for the Home

A Tub I Could Happily Drown In

Wouldn’t it be lovely to slip into this round Jacuzzi tub designed by Michael Richman that was featured in the most recent issue of House Beautiful?

Plenty of space to stretch out, almost like taking a little swim. I have to say that one thing I absolutely detest about my current bath – other than the fact that I can’t get in it without having to share with a tiny person who has no qualms about pooping in it – is that there is no way for me to immerse myself up to my neck without creating an overflow situation.

So, having this bath or one just like it at my disposal would be lovely. Even if it would feel, just a little bit, like the ceiling was peeing on me.

One Response to “A Tub I Could Happily Drown In”

  1. Jessica D. December 31, 2010 at 4:26 pm #

    I love that bath! I agree, I don’t like the faucet coming out of the ceiling. The gods are peeing on you for having such a heavenly tub! haha