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Inspiration: Sweet Greens | Manolo for the Home

Inspiration: Sweet Greens

Flowers are an easy go-to décor item can instantly brighten a room. No one’s disputing that! But what about something alive and uplifting for those days you’re feeling a little bit less colorful? Consider greens – a bunch of fresh hosta leaves or banana leaves (if you’re looking for something on a larger scale), a single fern frond, or anything that’s handy and on a branch in your very own backyard. The nice thing about greens is that they’re anything but fussy. Grab a vase or even a pint glass, and plop them in. No arranging necessary!


(via Elle Decor)

(via Coastal Living)



One Response to “Inspiration: Sweet Greens”

  1. I'm An Artist December 17, 2010 at 5:30 am #

    These are all great ideas! I’m not a big flower fan bc of allergies but plants i can do. And i could just pull cuttings off my live plants to do this, so its basically free.