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Great Ideas: A Curtain to Hide an Ugly Wall | Manolo for the Home

Great Ideas: A Curtain to Hide an Ugly Wall

Curtains don’t always have to cover windows, you know. Let’s say you’re a renter and are facing the prospect of living or sleeping in a room with one or more very ugly walls. Why not take the curtain concept and apply it to your eyesore of a wall? A few brackets here and there, some hardware, and a beautiful curtain will mean no more suffering ugliness in your personal space.

2 Responses to “Great Ideas: A Curtain to Hide an Ugly Wall”

  1. Yosa Addiss December 29, 2010 at 8:20 am #

    Ha! I have been doing that for years- but flat. I take a beautiful piece of brocade or tapestry fabric and put it up flat over things in an apartment I don’t like. I used a burgundy fabric and did a 2 ft. panel on the bottom with navy, matching the patterns. Once it was the giant coat closet with particle board doors- gracefully covered. Now it is the same drapery covering a rough-hewn “Americana” fireplace. A couple of small tacks is enough to hang most fabrics and oh did it make a difference!

    Now I am tempted to do the same with the wall in my office at work- use a black taffeta as a wall cover/color and then decorate on top of that with bright artwork. I think of fabric as removable paint.

  2. Christa Terry December 29, 2010 at 12:26 pm #

    @Yosa Addiss That’s a great way to think of fabric – especially if you can find amazing fabrics like it sounds like you have a knack for sussing out.