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NtB Has a Real Bedroom Again! | Manolo for the Home

NtB Has a Real Bedroom Again!

How many times have I mentioned that we were having a little remodeling done? A bunch, I know. Which means it’s only fair that I share at least one picture of my new bedroom, which was finally finished at the end of last month, yay!

Want some details? We went with mismatched bedside tables and no-VOC paint from Freshaire in a pretty gray color. Our color scheme includes gray, a very dark gray for detailing, white, and red, with some black furniture and some wood. We decorated using furniture we already had, which has saved a lot so far, though I did make some quickie DIY “art” using scrapbooking paper and picture frames I had lying around. (But it wasn’t this or this, for the curious.) I’m loving it so far – and I’m feeling especially proud of the work we put into it!

What have you done in your home lately that you’re especially proud of?

2 Responses to “NtB Has a Real Bedroom Again!”

  1. mkb March 11, 2011 at 2:13 pm #

    Psst, “a real bedroom” in the title :)

    I like that arrangement of the bureaus better than when we lugged them up there. I hope I didn’t scratch the new floor!

  2. Christa Terry March 11, 2011 at 2:41 pm #

    Ahahaha, thanks. My brain is fried.

    The floors look okay to me, and I do, too. When I eventually went up and looked, I was like, wait, what?