DIY Terrariums: The Jam Jar Terrarium, the Salt Shaker Terrarium, and More

This is going to be kind of a light week here at Manolo for the Home. As you read this, I’m probably actually on an airplane flying somewhere over the east coast. I’m not actually heading anywhere – I’ve been out of town for my dad’s fifth wedding and traveling with a toddler requires some sort of post-travel breather. A vacation from a vacation? Trust me, traveling with a toddler (and said toddler’s gear) is no vacation! So with that in mind, here are some pictures of oh-so-awesome DIY terrariums in jam jars, salt shakers, and even light bulbs!

Sweet miniature terrariums in salt shakers from Etsy seller Jo2SF

A mason jar terrarium from Craftzine, complete with little nibbler!

DIY terrarium wedding favors... I die.

You can put tiny DIY terrariums in so many things. I’ve seen them in coffee pots and cookie jars, among other things. Basically, any old glass container will do, so you don’t have to be particularly picky when choosing a receptacle for your moss, rocks, and wee plants.

  • Light bulb terrarium instructions can be found here
  • Jam jar terrarium instructions can be found here
  • Basic DIY terrarium instructions can be found here

Just have fun with it! Get some mini dinos or a deer in there, howsabout?

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