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For Monday, Two Looks That Have Got Me Giddy | Manolo for the Home

For Monday, Two Looks That Have Got Me Giddy

Just a quick tidbit of inspiration to get your mind rocking and rolling on a Monday otherwise filled with boring things like TPS reports and people asking you how your weekend was even though they don’t actually give a fig. ACTUALLY, SCRATCH THAT. I give a fig. Please tell me and everyone else how your weekend was in the comments and we can all virtually high five each other because we are awesomesauce.

OMG that chair!

OMG that wall!

P.S. – Have you visited Unhappy Hipsters lately? It’s still a winner! And it makes me giggle especially since not too long ago I had some peeps who lived in a Brooklyn apartment that would have been so perfect for that blog.

Images: Lonny

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