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Designer Birdhouses from Anthropologie | Manolo for the Home

Chic Birdhouses From Anthro

When can I move in?

Want to give your backyard birdies some upscale digs? Try these sweet birdhouses from Anthropologie. Modeled after iconic homes in Philadelphia, each birdhouse designed by Austin + Mergold is meant to inspire ruminations on the ways in which we share our space with urban birds and how their habitats are strikingly similar to our own. As you might imagine, they’re not exactly inexpensive as birdhouses go and they may not bring you as much enjoyment as this modern birdhouse, but they certainly do look sharp!

One Response to “Chic Birdhouses From Anthro”

  1. Phyllis May 9, 2011 at 6:31 pm #

    The tenement birdhouse is hilarious…all it needs is a homeless crow roosting in the doorway and the other birds have to step over it to get to their 4th floor walk-up nests.