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The Classic Greyhound Statue: Yes or No?

Upon first glance, white ceramic greyhound statues seem like something you’d find in a new Long Island residence with Italinate features, lots of pink pastels inside, and a huge fountain set in an inappropriately small lawn outside. What can I say? I grew up on Long Island and saw a lot of places like that, and the older I became, the less I liked them.

While I haven’t changed my mind about the giant lawn fountains or the raging palette of pastels, I think I’m changing my mind about the white porcelain greyhound sculptures. I’m not saying a greyhound statue is something that would find a forever home in my little house, but I could see one serving as a foil for other types of decor for a while. And white is still white hot, as is shiny white ceramics. Even ceramic animals!

So enter the greyhound statue!

Greyhound in repose

Greyhounds upright

Or a greyhound in a collar?

I say that while I like ceramic greyhound sculptures, I’ll add that they’re not for every person or every decor. In my own little house, I think they’d come off as kind of ironic, and a nod to a weird past. What say you: Regal, or ridiculous?

One Response to “The Classic Greyhound Statue: Yes or No?”

  1. Jess D. May 26, 2011 at 11:21 am #

    Well, my opinion is one of a middle class, and not very trendy, dog lover who owns one retired racing Greyhound. As my favorite breed of dog, I admire and enjoy their lithe, graceful shape. As my pet, I admire his (both) goofy and serene disposition. So I automatically love the Greyhound statue because it captures all that I love about them.
    If I didn’t have a Greyhound, or didn’t like the look of the dog–that is, I was just purchasing the piece to complete a room, then I would say as long as it matches the surrounding decor, why not? : ) I find them both playful and kind of classy (if used in the right context). I was sent by one of my favorite sites/fb pages “Greyhounds Make Great Pets”, so you can see that I’m not one of your typical readers! :)