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Chic Cham Daybed - Daybed Cushions | Manolo for the Home

Daybeds By Chic Cham

As I’ve mentioned before, I do so love daybeds for their versatility. Bed for a single guest? Check. Proper seating? Check? I comfy spot to curl up and read? Check and check. As a tot, I was desperate for one – and truth be told, the ones I lusted after were most definitely girlish and juvenile. But daybeds aren’t just for little chicks, as these two daybeds by Chic Cham certainly prove.

Amazing what a cushion, some feet, and a platform can become

Daybeds can be so many things, especially when gorgeous

Chic Cham uses natural materials to create beautiful things for the home that are handmade in India by people who earn a proper wage, no less. Isn’t that fantastic? Have a peek at their promo video to see some of their employees making rugs and cushions and curtains and so on. Basically, all things textile.

There are more collections to come, so keep an eye out. If you’re in Switzerland or elsewhere in Europe, that is, since I believe that’s the limit of their delivery area. Ah, well. Still, it’s fun to look and be inspired!

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