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Inspiration: Billowing Curtains, Just In Time for Summer

AC can’t be beat, especially when there are triple digit temps on the weather map, but in milder weather there’s something to be said for an open window shielded by a gently billowing curtain that’s a sure sign of a cool breeze. And unlike a bulky window AC or an invisible central air system, billowy curtains are beautiful to look at and are, in many cases, an improvement over plain bare windows. Here’s a little inspiration to get you going if you’ve been thinking about changing out your wintertime window dressings for some sheer curtains for summer.

by Jimi Jones, on Flickr

from House to Home

via Cottage Dreamers

via source4interiors.com

via Coastal Living

by A bunch of beans, on Flickr

One Response to “Inspiration: Billowing Curtains, Just In Time for Summer”

  1. The Jananator July 5, 2011 at 1:06 pm #

    This makes me want to go stand in front of an open window. The AC here sucks!