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Fantastic, Fabulous, and Just a Little Bit Frightening | Manolo for the Home

Fantastic, Fabulous, and Just a Little Bit Frightening

Isn’t this just a fantastic space belonging to fashion designer David Delfin and architect turned photographer Gorka Posigo? The open plan, the loft, the amazing blends of browns and colors and black with white, everything about it. I’ll even take the dog. But, oh, that face. And there is a selection of doll head busts on one cabinet. I have this thing about faces, you see. And doll heads. Not all that uncommon, I imagine. Last thing I want to see when I wake up for a tinkle is a giant face moaning and a whole bunch of dismembered baby heads.

I'll take almost all of it, including the dog.

What do you like about this pretty awesome if I do say so myself space? What would you ditch before moving in?

Images via Yatzer: http://www.yatzer.com/2074_delfin-postigo_house_welcomes_2010

One Response to “Fantastic, Fabulous, and Just a Little Bit Frightening”

  1. carol July 13, 2011 at 6:12 am #

    Not fond of the rug. And I’d probably remove half the pictures from the walls. If you’re going to go clean, go all the way! (yes, I understand a photographer lives there and wants to show of his work. Just not to my taste…)