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You Just Have to Love an Awesome ‘After’

There’s something to be said for before and after photos. Of anything, really. I’m absolutely terrible at remembering to ‘before and after’ any project, so I’m always in awe of the people who do remember. I’m especially in awe, though, of really extra sweet afters. Like this absolutely beautiful one, whose before can be seen at Rambling Renovators:

It's already a gorgeous room, but so much lovelier even when viewed in the context of the before.

Want to know why I love before and after pictures? And especially ones like these? Because they show you that the beautiful spaces you see that not only make you jealous, but also make you question your own decorating and design abilities didn’t always look like that. At some point in the past, they usually looked not as great, and someone had to make the decisions that led to the amazing transformation that led to the room you’re so envious of looking like it does today. A before and after photo set lets you see that change and furthermore shows you that there’s no reason at all that you can’t be the catalyst for a similar transformation in your own home.

In other words, before and after photos are inspiring. They show you what you can achieve. They’re encouraging, not disheartening like seeing a finished project out of context can sometimes be. So GO FORTH! CREATE! BE CONFIDENT!

2 Responses to “You Just Have to Love an Awesome ‘After’”

  1. Aurumgirl July 26, 2011 at 3:44 am #

    Okay, that’s my “cristalliera” all painted up in acqua blue, in the left hand corner. It just “ended up” with me when my father cleared his old furniture out and no one else would take it. I never thought to paint it, I just put it in a corner of the dining room where it’s functional and low key. But you’ve given me an idea.

  2. Christa Terry July 26, 2011 at 2:57 pm #

    Do it do it do it, Aurumgirl!