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Mushrooms, Three Ways

While a dish called Mushrooms Three Ways would indeed be divine, I am of course talking about mushroom themed decor. Now, no one is suggesting that you fill your home to the brim with mushrooms like the mother of an ex of mine did with country-style ducks (again, not a dish, sadly) all year round and in the wintertime, snowmen. But a mushroom as a showpiece? It’s just unusual enough to work! Here are three examples that I found in my virtual travels and loved enough to bookmark:

In designer Masako Sato own words: “During the rainy season, it’s very humid in Japan. One day I found moldy wall in my room. I was worried if mushrooms were coming up. But at the same time, I imagined how funny mushrooms are growing on the wall. Some people drive nails into walls, but I don’t like it. It may damage my clothes and myself when get caught on and even looks painful. Mushroom Hook is made by silicone rubber. It is soft and welcome your return home.”


Lovely In Natural, Lovely In Color

Since 1958, Ercol has been bending thick wood laminations to create the beautiful curves of their famous butterfly chair. Some people consider this chair a cousin of the Eames LCW Wood chair, but many other see it as existing in a class of its own.

I like to think it has its own charm – the beech and elm Ercol Butterfly Chairs are particularly striking with their extreme wood grain detailing on the backs. The vintage set above was sold by Love Vintage Furniture, which has so many great photos of mid-century modern furniture on its web site.

Then again, here are some more modern Ercol Butterfly Chairs, in dazzling special edition colors made for Tent London 2010. I would just go crazy for one for my daughter’s room, but in this point in her life she’d probably just chew off the finish.

Which Ercol Butterfly Chair do you like best? Au naturale or colorful?

Tree Beds, Five Ways

If you’re looking for a four-poster bed with a twist, how about a tree bed? That way, you can have four posts or fourteen, depending. And it’s a wacky, but adorable way to catch some Zs in the great outdoors without all the muss and fuss of camping. I’d love the first one or the fourth one, but depending on how rustic you want to go, you might love the others more!



Ghost Books!

Does anyone else have this problem? I just cannot seem to go looking for creative, innovative bookshelf designs without getting totally sucked in. I end up finding curvaceous bookshelves and slanted bookshelves and bookshelves that are nestled into staircases. Even if you’re not a big reader or prefer to return books when you’re done reading them, an awesome bookshelf can still be a thing of beauty. (After all, you can put wine on a bookshelf.)

It was in some bookshelf-induced Internet wanderings that I discovered this gem designed by Josefin Hellstrom-Olsson of Beckmans College of Design. While not strictly useful, I do kind of like how there is space in all of the “books” for one or two slightly smaller books. And I think creating this in anything other than plain white would lessen its impact – as it is, it makes me think of ghost books.

Like it?

Fungi Shui

How faaareakin’ adorable is this limited edition fungi shelf designed by Katharina Mischer? Limited Fungi brings endangered mushroom species to life and is a part of the RealLimited series, which points out limitations in reality. And speaking of limits, Mischer’s unique shelf is being presented in an extremely limited run of just 12.

The work features an endangered Austrian fungi species figured in tin, growing on an old “rotten” wooden board. Each tin mushroom is numbered and represents one mushroom left in reality.

Buying Limited Fungi (you can find it at Droog) helps saving biodiversity, as part of the price goes to environmental projects that try to save the lovely Kuehneromyces Lignicola, which is the specific fungi species included in the shelf.

Seven Ways to Repurpose a Teacup

Repurposed teacups? Yes, please! This is a fun bit of DIY that anyone with unused pretty teacups or a thrift store nearby can do without much trouble. The things one can make from a teacup range in difficulty from easy projects (think tiny planters for succulents) to involved projects involving wiring and cutting, so no worries if you’re not all that crafty. Here are seven ways you can repurpose your teacups and prettify your environment at the same time.

I wrote about Domestic Construction’s teacup chandeliers way back in the day, but at $60 for one DIY is the order of the day (at least in my household). DIY it with some thrift store teacups, some Ikea pendant kits, and something to hang ‘em from.


Little Known Ways to Hack Your Furniture: Eames High Chair

For those of us who love old design and sweet design and timeless design, but also DIY ingenuity, how totally boss is this Eames Hack? Eames chair turned high chair? Yes, please!

From the artists:

Through physically invasive alterations, these once iconic, elite, forms are liberated from their old, restrained image. The project is not a critique of the Eames, but rather a fulfillment of their original ideals.

This project was produced as part of a three day charette in the Department of Industrial Design at The University of the Arts, Philadelphia. The theme of the charette centers around Remake and DIY culture. The purpose of this charette is to explore the role designers have in respect to this emerging culture. The team members for this project are as follows: Jared Delorenzo, Tim Peet, Alexandra Temple Powell, Tom Reynolds, Alie Thomer, and Andrew McCandlish.

From a parental perspective, however, my main criticism of the Eames chair as a high chair would be good luck getting a tricksy toddler’s legs through those holes when she was pitching a fit.

Too Many Pictures?

I am not ashamed to say that I have a lot of stuff on my walls, but even I felt a little crazy looking at this picture. Maybe it wouldn’t drive me batty, but it would definitely be the most distracting part of my whole house. Why, I wonder, would someone want people to pause there? It seems like it would be uncomfortable – here, stop and look around in this narrow, confined space. But maybe I’m alone in feeling this way. To find out, I created a little poll. Please cast your vote, and then explain yourself in the comments if you feel pressed to say more!

(Image via Elle Decor * Design by Steven Gambrel * Photo by Eric Piasecki)

Fuzzy Phone Fun

I’m loving this adaptation of the original 706 telephone (the first plastic telephone in the UK) has been vibrantly decorated in colored flock that makes it both useful and surprising with its unexpectedly velvety feel.

The line of Flocked Phones by Johnny Egg features three different colors of flocking, and each flocked phone includes a traditional rotary dial and bell-ringer and supplied ready for use with a modern telephone socket.

Ready and Willing to Serve With a Smile

I have no clue how or wear to buy these – other than ‘in Thailand’ and ‘using Thailand money’ or here – but the whole collection is just too cute not to share. It’s Propaganda’s Use Me line, featuring dishware, laundry stuff, bags, and other odds and ends that are ready to do your bidding with a smile.

Adorable! I’m in love!

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