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Bedding | Manolo for the Home - Part 2
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For Fiery Dreams, Perhaps?

Have an old mantel? Know where you can get one for like $20? Grab it! Because you can make a truly unique and fun headboard with it. All you need is some paint, some way to mount your mantelpiece headboard, and that’s about it, according to Leah Moss. For those who love the idea, here’s some inspiration!

via Maison Reve


Give Me A Palace of Pink

Looking for ideas for your little chick’s room? Meg of WHATEVER created this tented bed set-up for her wee ones using blankets and ribbons and flowers, oh my. The best part? It’s in a corner, so behind the pillows is what might be a secret princess sanctuary with ample seating and space to play in a pink-tinted atmosphere.

tent bed

Nice, right? I would have killed, figuratively speaking, for a bed such as this when I was about seven or so. Alas, my mom was never the girly type so my dreams of having a canopy bed or something similar will have to be passed on to my own daughter, who will no doubt want a racebar bed, much to the delight of her papa.

Daybeds: Five Ways

The humble daybed was my dream bed as a girl, which is why I’d like my daughter’s first big-girl bed to be a daybed. I’m sure she’ll despise it because the grass is always greener, meaning she’ll dream of a lovely wooden platform bed or a sleigh bed or perhaps even a round hanging bed if she peruses the Manolo for the Home archives. A daybed can be thought of as a cross between chaise lounge, couch, and a bed, and may come with a trundle bed that stows away underneath so two can find a night’s rest.

I still love them, I’ll readily admit, which is why I went looking for pictorial daybed inspiration. Here are five daybeds done five ways…

For the sunroom, where guests can sit on it year round or sleep on it in the summertime:

daybed 4

For the home office, where one can lounge between frantic sessions of productivity:

daybed 5

For the living room, where it doubles as the couch:

daybed 6

For kids’ rooms, whether it is a seating space or a bed for sleepovers or both:


For a cozy, out-of-the-way guest bedroom (otherwise known as the room your dog thinks of as his own):

daybed 2

A Beautiful Night’s Rest

Aren’t these bed sets lovely? I’m partial to the first two because they have a bit more variation in their color palettes than the others. Blame the set designer at the photo shoot, however, not Mrs. Me, where the cushions come surrounded in everything from olive Dupioni silk to golden cashmere to one of a kind vintage fabrics.

luxury bedding

For those unfamiliar with the name, Mrs.Me is a design company with a focus on home textiles and interior fashion. Founded by Lianne Ernst, this “home couture” company creates luxe bedding collections and custom bed sets. They’ll even outfit the bedroom on your yacht or jet with specially designed bedding. How much do these luxury linens cost? A basic set — from what I can tell — runs about €300.

Yeah, ouch.

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