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Carpets and rugs | Manolo for the Home - Part 2
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Inspiration: Black, White, and Red All Over

Nothing says mod like clean lines, beautiful curves, and plenty of black, white, and red. But life is more fun when you mix it up a bit, right?


Here, brushed metal cube tables, an Orbit ball chair, and a Hanako sayuri rug are paired with a lamp that bridges the gap between contemporary and classic decor.

Serious Steal: Vintage Persian Baluchi Sumak Kilim

Kilims, if you didn’t know, are flat tapestry-woven rugs produced in parts of the Middle East. Geometric patterns are the norm, with diamonds and octagons predominating, and lighter colored kilims are more common, though modern-day weavers are getting bolder in their color and pattern choices.


Unlike more expensive collector’s rugs — specifically sought-after pile rugs — kilim tend to be reasonably priced. This particular 3’x5′ rug is only $30 and shipping is free, though it is being sold via eBay so let the buyer beware.

A little magic for a long-awaited springtime

Where I live, the birdies are just now starting to make a little noise and the first green shoots are tentatively poking up out of the soil. We’re at the end of March, the month that comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb, but things aren’t particularly lamby in my neck of the woods. It’s still pretty cold. Heck, it snowed the other day! In fact, today’s weather report reads “cloudy with a mixture of rain and snow showers developing during the afternoon. Some sleet may mix in.”

If it wasn’t for a little magic I learned, I’d be feeling pretty bleah right about now. The magic operates thusly: Make the inside of your home as springy as possible by replacing heavy curtains with gauzy ones, putting away those heavy throws, and prominently displaying brightly colored objects. The springier it feels inside, the faster springtime will actually arrive outdoors. Seriously, it works. I promise.

You can tell it’s springtime because the buds are just now coming in

You’re probably looking at thisAngela Adams rug and thinking, “But it’s so dark!” It is indeed quite brown, but my eyes are drawn toward the circles of green at the end of each birch branch. They look, to me, like the first buds of spring…the ones that appear early because the tree is testing the air, deciding whether or not to come out of its deep wintertime sleep.

This 100% New Zealand wool rug comes in another incarnation that you might find somewhat more evocative of springtime because it’s a light, airy gray. I like Angela Adams’ stuff because she’s part of Rugmark, a global nonprofit organization working to end illegal child labor in the carpet industry and offer educational opportunities to children in India, Nepal, and Pakistan. Gorgeous and humane? I’ll take that over blah and unethical any day.

Art, it’s about time you walk all over it

Glinda brought a certain Jonathan Roubini to my attention in the not so distant past, via a link to an article in the LA Times. While I just can’t seem to wrangle a working perma-link that’ll lead you to the article, I can sum the whole thing up thusly: Awesome freakin’ rugs.

Pay attention where you’re stepping these day. A trend may be underfoot. A new category of high-end contemporary rugs is emerging: graphic illustrations of sex, drugs and other not-so-PG themes rendered by designers who look to the floor as an uncensored canvas.

Kissable carpet?

Roubini’s The Kiss is hand knotted using wool and silk, and is available in standard and custom sizes…for a goodly price, of course.

Sex and drugs aside, I really do like the illustrative rugs I’m seeing more and more these days. My fondness for Oriental carpets cannot be trumped, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t mind laying down something artful and sumptuous on my bare wood floors. (Lest you think I’m being stingy, there are more pretty pics below the cut.)


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