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Robin’s Egg Blue – Not Just About the Color

I was inspired the other day after coming across this totally sweet necklace from Sea Unicorn to think about robin’s egg blue in situ – in other words, on the robin’s eggs themselves. While decorating with eggs or ersatz eggs is a bit country cutesy and thus not everyone’s cup of tea, it’s certainly going to be someone’s cup of tea, right? And in small enough doses, there are very few decorative items that will brand you as *insert style here*.

So here we go from necklace to home in six simple steps, from DIY spoons (that are quite sweet, actually) to tiny handmade soaps and random fun stuff. Enjoy!

(via Nesting Place)

(via The Shabby Chic Cottage)

(via Southern Living)

(via The Shabby Chic Cottage)

(via Gianna Rose Atelier)

Inspiration: HI-Hotel

Looking for color inspiration? You can’t go wrong with snaps of the HI-Hotel in Nice, France. Designed by Matali Crasset, the public spaces and rooms of this super chic hotel are all designed with different and vibrant color combinations, minimalist details, and an eye toward crispness and modernity. The rooms are all named with monikers that often reflect the shape of things within: Happy Day, Digital, Up & Down, White & White, and Monospace are just a few of the spaces within. Check it:

Inspiration: Teal and Tomato

Elena Colombo, designer of amazing meditative firebowls, knows how to combine tomato and teal to good effect. In fact, I’m terribly jealous of her skills, since I adore that color combo but have thus far failed to put it into place in my own home. Consider these four snaps of Colombo’s cute-as-a-button bungalow inspiration for those of us for whom combining colors doesn’t always come naturally!

(all images via)

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

…because for real, look how awesome bright, vibrant color can be!





Go ahead, brighten up your world!

red lamporange chairsyellow rug
green clockblue stoolpurple teapot

Bright, Paper-Inspired, Preppy

Dabney Lee Woglom isn’t afraid to own up to her preppiness, and she makes no secret of her love of luxurious trinkets for the home. And I guess I love her? She’s got that eye for colors and patterns that I envy. Bad news: I can’t steal her flair. Good news: I (and you) can buy her stuff.

Woglom’s line of bold and bright accessories for house and apartment can be found at Dabney Lee at Home, her monogram-o-rific online shop. No, really – if what floats your boat involves lucite, sweet patterns, or paper, then she’s the lady you need to look into.

Lucite is a big part of her wares, mainly because you can use it like a window for displaying colorful paper and photographs. It’s also cool and very modern, not to mention the fact that you can easily work lucite accessories into pretty much any decor.

Woglom’s line of bold and bright accessories for house and apartment can be found at Dabney Lee at Home, her monogram-o-rific online shop. No, really – if what floats your boat involves lucite, sweet patterns, or paper, then she’s the lady you need to look into.

Oh, and here’s the best part: Pretty much everything sold in Dabney Lee at Home is customizable with different colors, patterns, and nameplates. Whether you like simple colors or funky patterns, you’re probably going to see something you like! (I did; I got the salt and pepper shakers, if you were curious.)

Going Gray for Under $25

Like the post title says, going gray for under $25 is easy. Just click on the pic for more info about any of the ginchy grey gear below!

grey storage bingrey teapotgrey french press
grey bowlgrey clockgrey doorstop
grey utensile holdergrey grey greygrey poster
grey spoonsgrey scrapbookgrey cutting board

Going Gray

gray grey

I’ve had a love affair with gray since my teens when I painted the walls of my bedroom varying shades of gray. As a color, gray is frequently associated with neutrality — being neither white, nor black — and cool self-control. Because of its versatility and ability to harmonize with a variety of other hues, the color gray often serves as a backdrop to other, more vivid colors. But shades of gray can be their own perfect palette instead of highlighting bright yellows or pinks. Used on their own, shades of gray can make for a dramatic and bold or calm and soothing space, depending on how they’re used.

According to Wikipedia: “Most grey pigments have a cool or warm cast to them, as the human eye can detect even a minute amount of saturation. Yellow, orange, and red create a “warm grey”. Green, blue, and violet create a “cool grey”. When there is no cast at all, it is referred to as “neutral grey”, “achromatic grey” or simply “grey”. The color grey is often associated with aging or the passage of time, likely due in part to the decreased pigment-production of hair follicles in time, corresponding to the greying of human hair. In this context, grey is often used synonymously with “elderly”, as in “the grey pound” or “grey power” (when referring to the economic or social influence of the elderly), or as used by groups such as the Gray Panthers.”

You have your choice – go gray on your walls, go gray with accessories, or go gray down to the smallest detail. It’s easy, when there are so many different grays to choose from! Here are some inspiring images to get you started, and tomorrow I’ll show you how you can go gray for less than $25!

gray bedroom

gray bathroom

gray dining room fromdesignsponge

gray living room

gray office


gray living room 2

Color On High

When it comes to plain ceilings (i.e., not tin, decorative plaster, or good-looking wood), you have a limited number of options. You can paint them ivory or cream or eggshell, or whatever incarnation of white looks best with your chosen paint color scheme. You can add embellishments like vinyl wall stickers, though that sort of thing can look a bit juvenile and typically works best in kids’ rooms. Or you can go against the grain and paint your ceilings a color other than white.

People are generally afraid to do this. They’re used to painting walls, so when they think of adding color to a room, their thoughts turn to vertical surfaces. It’s also more difficult to coordinate furnishings with accessories with floor colors with wall colors with ceiling colors, omg, but really, it’s not impossible. It’s even easier when you start with a nice neutral for your walls. One option involves painting all your walls the same color, then varying the color of your ceilings by room. Or you can go all-out and have coordinating wall and ceiling colors that differ entirely from room to room.

The best way to approaching painting ceilings is to look for inspiration (some of which I have thoughtfully provided below) then play with color combos using Paint or Photoshop or The Gimp until you find something that works. You can even paint a small test area on one wall and an adjoining bit of ceiling just like you should do with the wall only so you see how the colors influence each other and the room in different sorts of light. To begin, check these out. And if you’ve painted your ceilings a color other than white, tell us about it!


(via Domino)

painted ceiling Sills Huniford


painted ceiling yellow

painted ceiling dark light


painted ceiling Sara Story


An Eight-Hour Day I Can Actually Enjoy

Aren’t these prints cute? I know, cute isn’t for everyone, but if you have the right sort of aesthetic already in your home or you aspire to adorableness, then cute could be for *you*. For wall-ready adorableness I’m currently digging on EightHourDay, creators of, among other things, letterpress and screen print art featuring vintage-look designs in bright, eye-catching colors.

pink print

Did I mention that they’re cute? Because they are!

yellow and gray print

Eighthourday is a Minneapolis design boutique and a husband and wife team. You can find selected prints on Etsy, where the price is definitely right (though you’ll have to find your own frames). Their Flickr page is definitely worth a look. Fair warning: It’s not ‘stuff for the home’ but rather plain old good design.

Purple Chair, Five Ways

As you know, I love purple. I painted my kitchen cabinets a deep, bright purple. Come springtime, I have plans to repaint the trim on my house a sort of eggplant color that will eventually highlight a sort of pumpkin color. Go, Team Purple! So when I came across a beautiful purple chair at a local consignment shop, I was inspired to see what else is out there. Here’s a sampling:

purple chair 1


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