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NtB Loves: This Particular Pretty House

I’m loving these shots of a home I found at 1st Option, which represents potential photo shoot and film locations. All the rooms are just so pretty without being girlysweet or frou-frou. I feel like there’s something feminine about this home, but at the same time a guy wouldn’t feel out of place there.

Loving the blues and greens, the use of circles in the rug and in the artwork, the vivid furniture, the kid’s bench, All of it – just the whole package.

Loving the way the chairs contrast with the thickness of the classic wood table and sideboard.

Loving the white! It’s so clean, and it’s gorgeous paired with that pine (I think) floor. The gray chair is just the right touch, along with the pink coverlet.

And here are a few things that might appeal if you, like me, love the interiors above. As always, all six of my picks are clickable!

modern pink chairgreen rugblue pitcher
gray cribwhite lampyellow barstool

Inspiration: Orange!

Orange needs no introduction! Bright and cheerful, but also a little maddening,orange is a power color. How often do you see around you? You might be surprised at how readily you answer – it’s hard not to notice orange whether it’s the paint on a wall or a single accent piece in an otherwise colorful room. It’s a playful color, and creative, too, though some people find it too overwhelming to take in anything more than limited quantities. How can you use orange in your home? Here’s some yummy orange inspiration to stimulate your creative juices!

Under the cut, you’ll find plenty (more…)

(Short) Inspiration: Purple Underfoot

Painted floors are a dime a dozen (okay, not really – not at all, in fact) but purple painted floors are relatively rare. So much so that when I wanted to find a pretty picture of a purple painted floor my options were worse than limited.

So instead may I present a real purple painted floor. One that is not making its grand debut in a magazine, but rather one that started out as a kind of crummy wood floor topped by wall-to-wall carpeting. You can read a short tale of this purple painted floor’s evolution. If you’re considering embarking upon a floor-centric DIY project, it may just inspire you to take some risks!

Spotlight: Ghislaine Viñas

Ask me one day and I’ll tell you that I’d gladly live in an all-black universe. Ask me the next and I’ll tell you that I adore bright, dramatic colors. Today must be one of the latter days because I’m salivating over rooms created by designer Dutch Ghislaine Viñas – she combines vivid hues with simplicity, so the colors frequently play a starring role in her interiors (as opposed to a few stand-out pieces of furniture or a unique room profile).

Born in the Netherlands and raised in South Africa, Ghislaine brings a special blend of international sensibility, intuitive style, humor and refreshing enthusiasm to her work. She is driven daily by her passion for interior design especially by form and color. “Color excites me. As a child, I would feel a rush of excitement when opening a box of crayons.”

Which isn’t to say that her choices of furniture are anything but amazing. She mixes modern and vintage pieces in such a way as to create a kind of perfect harmony. Hers are not rooms in which one might say “How clever to have mixed something old with so much new.” Rather, eras blend, united by Viñas’ color choices.

I would be happy to give Viñas carte blanche to come into my home, throw out most of what I own, and replace it with stuff she picked out in my stead. Now I would love to link to her site, but every time I try to visit I’m warned off by Google, which says there’s malware there. So I’ll share a link to her Interior Design Magazine blog instead – check it out, she seems like a lot of fun!

Time In the Round

Need to know the time and your celly is just not handy? Perhaps you need a super sweet Aspiral Clocks designed by Will Aspinall and Neil Lambeth. Deceptively complicated looking, they’re actually extremely easy to read. The clock face slowly spirals over the course of 12 hours, and a ball trapped in the spiral indicates the time. One simply looks at where the ball lies between the hours – three-quarters between four and five, closer to the five? That would be 4:45.

Aspiral Clocks start at around £350, and you can customize your clock in a number of ways, from the color or even background design behind the spiral to the hour where the ball resets itself. Noon is the standard – with its obvious application for moving between AM and PM – but there’s no reason your clock can’t reset itself at 5 or 11. Very cool!


Inspired By: Forsythia

You know it’s spring round here when the forsythia buds start busting out all over. I’m sad to say that The Beard and I still do not have a single forsythia bush in our yard, but our neighborhood more than makes up for it. The blooms are a cheery yellow that never fails to make me smile, but they’re also impressive above and beyond their mood-improving qualities in that they both produce lactose and can predict the coming of snow! We’ve not achieved true spring weather just yet, if the forsythia bushes are any indication, but lucky for me there are plenty of forsythia-inspired prints, tablescapes, paper goods, and artworks that can stand in for the real thing until things warm up!







I don’t know about you, but I am *this* close to running out for a forsythia cutting for my yard.

I Don’t Know Who Frankie Is, But He Sure Puts Together One Hell of a Bedroom

Don’t you just hate it when a shop puts together a room a that make you want to sell your husband* and then has links to all the stuff you’d need to buy to make your room look just. like. that? I felt that feeling today when browsing at Wake Up Frankie – a store I really ought to stay away from, since their tagline is ‘Fashion for your room” as if that’s the only space you have and they’re featured in such fine publications as Cosmo Girl and American Cheerleader. Yeesh.

But still, I’m loving this black, white, and yellow bedroom, even though I’m a super mature grown-up lady and definitely not a teenage girl (not even just in my mind even a little bit, cross my heart).

All that’s missing is this uber sweet Marilyn Monroe chair:

*But that’s only because the *me* who’d really want the above bedroom is the me of, oh, twelve years ago, and back then I didn’t even have a husband, so there. It’s really only the chair I want, anyway, and with the economy, surely no one is buying husbands?

Still Feeling Blue

Still moping because I missed snagging one of House Beautiful‘s lovely blue chairs, I found myself face to face with one of these:

The Evitavonni Blue Chair is contemporary and glamorous and gorgeous and I want one. What is it about this chair? It could be the vivid blue leather or the iconic buttons… am I just drooling over something faddish or do you think this chair could last as trends shift?

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