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For Kiddies or Maybe You: A Little Something Adorable from Robin & Mould

I’m loving these super cute hand screen printed pillows, cushion covers, stockings, and cozies from Robin & Mould! Everything they sell is printed using water-based inks on natural linens and cottons at their little shop in the UK. Yellow and teal seem to be the colors they favor, but they’ve taken custom orders in the past!

Never Again Get Into an Accident When You’re Backing the Car Out of the Living Room

I’m all for creating safe spaces, but come on…

Making Your Home a Fun Place to Be

Sure, it’s possible to get by with plain old pots and pans, no pillows or throws, bare walls, and nothing but objects of utility. But what fun is that? You should always look for fun stuff – sometimes that means finding that one-of-a-kind thing, by thirfting or raiding your grandparents’ closet. Sometimes it means buying yourself something new. A little treat. We all deserve them! And here are two treats I’m loving:

First, so much better than your typical cutting board… a solid acacia puzzle board server from Viva Terra. If you’d like bigger puzzle pieces (for bigger pieces of focaccia, naturally), here’s a similar serving platter in sustainably-grown teak sold by Gaiam.

And second, a delicious pink and patterned skull print from Made By Girl. Since when are freaky-deaky skulls so darn cutesy? I’d love to put this in my daughter’s room if I didn’t think it would totally break her brain once someone tells her that skulls are meant to be scary.

What wee treats are you digging on right now?

A Wise and Whimsical Way to Sweeten the Table

I love this pretty porcelain owl sugar shaker from West Elm. Owls are still a making an appearance on everything from pillows and tea towels to umbrella stands and mobiles, but I think this one is my favorite because it’s not super in-your-face.

While it’s listed as a sugar shaker, I don’t see why you couldn’t fill it with salt or cinnamon sugar or something else.

What do you think of owls – cute or super overrated?

NtB Asks: Too Cute or Too Stupid?

Know someone who loves all that stuff that looks vintage but really isn’t? Here’s something for them: a vintage-esque tissue box holder meant to look like an old fashioned gum wrapper. But oddly, it has the words ‘TISSUE BOX COVER’ printed right on it which kind of ruins the effect.

There’s also a happy tooth and a line drawing of a box of tissues, which makes the whole thing even more confusing. And yet, I can totally see how that confusion might appeal to someone into that sort of thing. Hell, in twenty years or so, my kids might just pine after one of these because it’s so damn self-referentially kitschy. I’m gum! No, I’m a tissue box!

(As an aside, do people still put their tissue boxes under covers so no one has to look at the cardboard box? That always struck me as very weird. Just put your dang tissues in the cabinet.)

One More Ceiling – This Time, Painted

Okay, okay, I swear this will be my last ceiling post in a while. It’s just, have you even gotten sort of stuck or obsessed with one facet of a room and so it feels like every time you go looking for inspiration you end up focused on that one facet? Maybe it’s painted floors… maybe it’s wainscoting… or copper fixtures. In my case, at this point in time, it’s ceilings. So what ceiling got my mind racing today?

This one, from the Danforth Inn cupola, as taken by Zombie37. Now, I’m usually not much into the whole stars and moon faux nighttime sky thing – except in kids’ rooms – but I really like the look and feel of this one. One thing that appeals to me is that it’s making no effort to look authentic. And another is the beams painted in the somewhat lighter blue. It’s just fun and unpretentious and cute. Sometimes cute is just what’s needed to finish up a space.

A Drawer for Every Mood from Renata Brazil

For Friday, how about this cute and lighthearted furniture by Helena Bueno and Heinz Muller of Brazil for Renata?

I would LOVE this for my own bedroom!

Space Invaders, Three Ways

Hopefully, when you read the title of this post, your first reaction wasn’t “Huh?” because that would make me feel extra old. And I don’t want to feel old at the moment. But in case you are entirely unfamiliar with Space Invaders, let’s just say it’s a classic arcade game whose alien enemies have become iconic in certain circles. You might say it’s a nerd chic thing. And I, being a nerd, have been encountering a lot of these guys as of late. Here are three examples:

From Michael Siney Designs, Space invaders mirrors are a playful way to invite aliens into your home. At about $60 each, they’re not exactly cheap, but if you’re a fan of the video game then maybe it’s worth the price.


Could Slightly Uncomfortable Chairs Lead to a More Productive Year?

For the new year, a time when everyone’s hopes are high, I thought what better way to get all those resolution makers off their butts than some slightly uncomfortable chairs. The Slightly Uncomfortable Chair Collection was designed by the Sid Lee Collective, part of the notable Sid Lee advertising agency, and features seating designed to promote shorter, more efficient business meetings. I’d add shorter procrastination sessions, less time spent in front of the computer, and more time spent on one’s feet.

Unusual Mugs, Two Ways

Mugs… if you like hot beverages, you probably have at least one, if not more. Mugs can be a lot of things, from functional and green to cutesiepoo to a little bit silly. I’d say there’s no wrong way to mug it, as long as your chosen mug holds enough coffee, tea, or chocolate for your tastes and isn’t cracked. You might think that mugs are pretty perfect – i.e., there’s not a lot of places a designer could take them – but you’d be wrong. Here are two mugs, one that’s trying to solve what may be a common problem and one that may be solving a problem of which I am unaware.

Unusual mugs, the first: Designed by Jonathan Aspinal for Thelermont Hupton, Link Mugs help solve the carrying of numerous mugs without the need of a tray. Each mug can be plugged into each other so they can be lined up, connected together and transported with two hands. They’re sold in sets of three, but I wonder if you could carry more.

Unusual mugs, the second: German Designer Lisa Grahner created modular mugs (along with other dishware) that have interchangeable magnetic handles. Clic ceramics were shown at Strijp-S Exhibition during Dutch Design Week. If they ever go into production, let’s all hope those magnets are strong.

What’s your favorite mug?

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