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There’s Nothing Quite Like a Freshly-Made Bed

I will happily admit to being a totally lazy bum when it comes to making the bed, and yet I’m also a total sucker for a freshly made bed.

Hop in!

Doesn’t that look inviting? Restful? It’s like a sign that tomorrow will be better than the day before. But since like I said, I am none too good about actually doing what it takes to slip into a freshly made bed on a daily basis, I would really like it if my unmade bed looked like this:


Which do you prefer in your own boudoir? The crisp freshly made bed or the comfortable rumpled one?

No Mattress? No Problem.

Here’s how it works:

Step: Acquire a pile of thick comforters

Step 2: Pile up prettily

Step 3: Cuddle up and sleep

It’s a design by Linda Topic and certainly an interesting bed concept, but the impression I get is that it would only be comfortable until all that bedding compressed into a dense pancake of feathers and fill.

Nightmare Fuel?

Maybe I’m alone in this, but I’m not big on having a lot of faces around my house. I make a few exceptions – like for me Jizo statue (with his closed eyes) and the bust of some unknown philosopher (who I prefer to imagine is blind since he has no pupils). And with a daughter, I’ve had to reconcile myself to the fact that I now share my house with about eight hundred big-eyed plushies. But no joke, I will clean up simply to avoid having inanimate objects staring at me.

So is it any wonder that I find these pillows from Vintage Jane kind of terrifying?

Come play with ussss...

Cute, but still creepy

Sure, they’re kind of charming and even a little bit adorable in that way only vintage cartoons are, but that’s only during the day. What about at night, in the dark, when they start blinking and following you with their cold, dead eyes? What, I ask you, will you do then?

Chalkboard Paint: Know When to Say When

Because this is what happens when a person doesn’t know when to say when to chalkboard paint. Yes, chalkboard paint is the bee’s knees, but let’s all show a little restraint, shall we?

The Wrong Way to Decorate With Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are great, aren’t they? When your couch is just not supportive enough, throw pillows pick up the slack. They make a neat little seat when there is seating overflow, and really wee ones can use throw pillows for all sorts of things. And they’re pretty, too!

But really, enough is enough. If you really need twelve giant throw pillows to make your couch comfy, it’s time to get a new couch. Or if you find yourself sitting on the very edge of the couch, it’s probably time to reevaluate how you’re using throw pillows. This image above is not it, but there’s definitely a right way to use ‘em, so I recommend grabbing some cute throw pillows like these:

white throw pillowruffled pillowowl pillow
flower throw pillowraw silk throw pillowcute throw pillow

Are these sweet? Go on, click the pics!

Dull Desks Need Help From Hedgies

Boring work spaces make working boring, and when working is boring it just plain sucks. Maybe a mushy squishy silicone rubber pencil holder would make your desk a little less dull? He won’t give you any attitude – poke him, drop him, or stab him with a pencil, because this hedgehog is harmless.

Hedgie here was designed by Ionut Predescu, but sadly only as a concept product. BUT you can have something similar in the Sebastiano Pencil Holder designed by comic-strip illustrator Massimo Giacon. Sure, it’s somewhat more sinister, but it’s just as cute.

For Kiddies or Maybe You: A Little Something Adorable from Robin & Mould

I’m loving these super cute hand screen printed pillows, cushion covers, stockings, and cozies from Robin & Mould! Everything they sell is printed using water-based inks on natural linens and cottons at their little shop in the UK. Yellow and teal seem to be the colors they favor, but they’ve taken custom orders in the past!

Never Again Get Into an Accident When You’re Backing the Car Out of the Living Room

I’m all for creating safe spaces, but come on…

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