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I Keep Seeing Matryoshka!

A matryoshka, for those who don’t know, is a set of dolls of decreasing sizes placed one inside the other. Also known as a Russian nesting doll or, somewhat incorrectly, a babushka doll, the outermost layer is traditionally a woman wearing a sarafan, though it might also be an animal, a dinosaur, a sick… something, a robot, or a set of measuring cups. For months now, I’ve been noticing the matryoshka motif everywhere, but it might just be confirmation bias. I grew up with the things, so I tend to see them around. Here are some I found for you:



Vintage Look Bookcase

Whimsy and utility meet in this adorable bookcase created by Singapore designer Jaren Goh. I might also have written that the modern lines meet a classic silhouette or that vintage and new come together. But however you say it, I adore it!

Pillows With Protection

When you want to be really safe, nothing protects like a full-body condom, and a condom that big needs a pretty sizable wrapper. All right, so the full-body condom is just a gag, but these giant condom pillows created by Little Elk do come complete with a discrete pocket for your protection.

Classy? Maybe not, but the condom pillow sure is a vivid reminder of the need to protect oneself in this day and age.

Are you worried about exam 220-701 & 640-864? We offer up-to-dated 000-M49 and 642-627 with 100% exam pass guarantee of 70-649.

Stacked to Perfection

Got some old drawers laying around, maybe still sitting in that old, beat-up dresser that’s beyond repair? Why not get your craft on and repurpose those drawers into something totally sweet? Like…

The first two examples of repurposed drawers come from Crafty Nest. Freecycled drawers became a unique bookcase and a beautiful rustic shadowbox in the capable hands of master crafter Monica Ewing. The third example of repurposed drawers comes from a temporary pop-up shop in London by Tracey Neuls with walls created using drawers and c-clamps. Finally, designer Tejo Remy used repurposed drawers to create art meant to be a criticism of modern consumerism, but then the project outgrew the art and now you can buy the table top edition here.

Bright, Paper-Inspired, Preppy

Dabney Lee Woglom isn’t afraid to own up to her preppiness, and she makes no secret of her love of luxurious trinkets for the home. And I guess I love her? She’s got that eye for colors and patterns that I envy. Bad news: I can’t steal her flair. Good news: I (and you) can buy her stuff.

Woglom’s line of bold and bright accessories for house and apartment can be found at Dabney Lee at Home, her monogram-o-rific online shop. No, really – if what floats your boat involves lucite, sweet patterns, or paper, then she’s the lady you need to look into.

Lucite is a big part of her wares, mainly because you can use it like a window for displaying colorful paper and photographs. It’s also cool and very modern, not to mention the fact that you can easily work lucite accessories into pretty much any decor.

Woglom’s line of bold and bright accessories for house and apartment can be found at Dabney Lee at Home, her monogram-o-rific online shop. No, really – if what floats your boat involves lucite, sweet patterns, or paper, then she’s the lady you need to look into.

Oh, and here’s the best part: Pretty much everything sold in Dabney Lee at Home is customizable with different colors, patterns, and nameplates. Whether you like simple colors or funky patterns, you’re probably going to see something you like! (I did; I got the salt and pepper shakers, if you were curious.)

Instant Art Unboxed

After a weekend spent trying to fit all of our stuff into the nooks and crannies of a rather small Cape, I am loving *LOVING* this clever board game storage idea dreamed up by the lovely lady behind Infarrantly Creative. She needed a little color for her game room and a way to get said games out of the way. Inspiration hit, and a few short hours with a table saw later and WHAM. Art, or something close enough to it for most folks.

game board storage 2

Clever, yeah? And easy to DIY if you’re a fan of board games who doesn’t even have a game room. Even better if you happen to have vintage versions of classic games! But, you say, how are you supposed to get the boards out of the frames when you and the fam want to sit down to a round of Monopoly or Chutes & Ladders? The short answer is you don’t!

game board storage

The pieces and rulebooks are all stored in the back of the frame, so they’re right there when you take the whole works off of the wall. Love it, love it, love it!

Who Doesn’t Have at Least One Store Like This In Their Town?

Is it just me, or does everyone grow up with an ugly furniture store, the one that advertises on the weird local station that shows syndicated re-runs, wacky old movies, and very local news? I don’t know who supplies all the ugly furniture stores, but someone somewhere is making bank selling wholesale leather couches, “modern art” prints, and glass side tables to these places.

Lighting That Wears Many Hats

Here’s a little antidote to the colorful interior shots that had some of you covering your eyes because oh my gosh, the brightness!

pendant lighting bowler hats

Jake Phipps Jeeves & Wooster pendant lights are made from authentic bowlers and top hats, and are British to the core. Forget fun and funky, these lights will imbue your dining room or other space with a somber seriousness fitting your station in life.

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