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Litter Box Chic Pour le Chat

Pets come with accessories… there’s just no getting around it. Me and The Beard? We keep cats, and thus we know that the ugliness of the litter box is legendary. A few enterprising furniture makers have endeavored to help people for whom aesthetics are of utmost importance hide the realities of their cats’ daily lives.

Below you’ll find just a few examples of the many attractive litter box hideaways out there. Perhaps kitty is craving a little privacy this holiday season?

Making the ugly into something lovely


Round Bed, Rocking Me to Dreamland

But will it make me seasick?

A man I know in Costa Rica lives at the top of a mountain in an open-air home. It’s not nearly as pretty as the picture you see above, being as that it’s made of a scrap wood frame paired with corrugated metal sheets. Nonetheless, I get the feeling that one of these floating beds would fit perfectly in with his charmingly rustic decor. What I’m not to sure about is whether these round, hanging beds are actually comfortable.

The site claims that they’re not only comfy, they’re also healthy.

The floating motion is scientifically designed to reactivate a deep relaxation response in our cellular memory. It will dramatically improve your sleep, or spare moments of relaxation. It is a powerful remedy for the problems of modern living.

Bunker than a bunk bed? I hope not. At $3195 for a queen size bed frame without any bells and whistles, it had better deliver on its promises.

Ikea Redux: Repurposing Flat Pack

What you see isn’t always what you getTa da!

Give an Ikea ISIG to lifestyle guru Matthew Mead and you’ll end up with something lovely. I found his easy-peasy DIY directions through ikea hacker, a blog devoted to finding the most interesting and innovative uses for boring old Ikea flat pack furniture.

Go and check ikea hacker out, then come back and tell me about your most creative Ikea furniture hacks. After all, just because something came from Ikea (or the Goodwill or the Dollar Tree) doesn’t mean it has to look like it did!

Cube It – It’s Hip to Be Square

Sit on it. Put your feet on it. Whatever.

Cubes have gotten a bad rap, what with so many people working in those ucky tight workspaces commonly known as cubes. This utterly adorable jacquard cube makes it easy to forget that you’re chained to a whole different sort of cube for eight hours each day. You can put your feet up on it after a long stint at the office and then use it as makeshift seating when one too many post-dinner visitors come knocking at your door.

In fact, just keep your feet up. Speak in hushed tones, and whoever is asking to be let in will give up and go away so you can enjoy a little sit down and a big glass of wine in peace.

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