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Porter House Designs: Playing With Color

Isn’t this interior designed by Porter House Designs bright and fun and cheerful? I realize it’s not for everyone – heck, it’s not even for me since I like to segregate wall colors by room unless they’re shades of the same color – but if you love color, this space might just be the inspiration you need to go a little nuts.

See, it’s easy to deny one’s desire for SERIOUS COLOR when one is a mature, responsible grownup-type person. The kid in your head says “Oh em gee, let’s paint every wall a different color! We own this house – we can finally do this!” while the person in your head who goes to the office each day and wears pants with a nice crisp paint counts with “Oh, I don’t know. That’s a lot of color. Maybe we should choose a nice white and think about this some more before we do anything hasty.” I’m not advocating that you do anything truly hasty, of course (unless you really, really want to!). Choose three colors, four colors, whatever – and do it carefully. Use an online colorwheel. Think about the furniture you already own. Be a grownup, but have fun!

Inspiration: Orange!

Orange needs no introduction! Bright and cheerful, but also a little maddening,orange is a power color. How often do you see around you? You might be surprised at how readily you answer – it’s hard not to notice orange whether it’s the paint on a wall or a single accent piece in an otherwise colorful room. It’s a playful color, and creative, too, though some people find it too overwhelming to take in anything more than limited quantities. How can you use orange in your home? Here’s some yummy orange inspiration to stimulate your creative juices!

Under the cut, you’ll find plenty (more…)

So No One Ever Has to Know You Work

… or because, you know, you’d rather not have your workspace right on top of your slackspace in your tiny apartment. Whatever your reasons for wanting to get your home office (or craft room, I suppose) out of sight, the ideal situation would be to devote an entire room to it. When that’s not possible, however, perhaps you have a closet? A large enough closet can accommodate a desk (or better, two filing cabinets with a melamine top to maximize storage space), a chair, and perhaps some hanging paper sorters, along with whatever you need to keep on your desk for professional purposes. Like the idea? Pepper Design Blog has a rough guide to converting one of your closets into a home office.

And naturally, we have some added inspiration!


Never’s Dream House

Imagine you could pull any room from any house or flat and replace the same room in your house or flat with a snap of your fingers or the flip of a switch. Too bad life doesn’t work that way, but it sure is fun to design a whole new house in your head! My current dream house boasts a lot of white, bright colors, and a baby pink clawfoot tub, mmmm.

(via – a way too cute blog!)



(via – which is my new fave blog)

(via )

Now, if you have a minute or two to spare for little ol’ me, post a link to a pic of your dream rooms!

Inspired By: Forsythia

You know it’s spring round here when the forsythia buds start busting out all over. I’m sad to say that The Beard and I still do not have a single forsythia bush in our yard, but our neighborhood more than makes up for it. The blooms are a cheery yellow that never fails to make me smile, but they’re also impressive above and beyond their mood-improving qualities in that they both produce lactose and can predict the coming of snow! We’ve not achieved true spring weather just yet, if the forsythia bushes are any indication, but lucky for me there are plenty of forsythia-inspired prints, tablescapes, paper goods, and artworks that can stand in for the real thing until things warm up!







I don’t know about you, but I am *this* close to running out for a forsythia cutting for my yard.

Spotlight: M. Design Interiors

I’m still on a color kick – since I need to do something about my way-too-neutral living room – so here’s some whole house inspiration from Molly Luetkemeyer of M. Design Interiors. There are plenty more sweet pics under the cut!


Inspiration: HI-Hotel

Looking for color inspiration? You can’t go wrong with snaps of the HI-Hotel in Nice, France. Designed by Matali Crasset, the public spaces and rooms of this super chic hotel are all designed with different and vibrant color combinations, minimalist details, and an eye toward crispness and modernity. The rooms are all named with monikers that often reflect the shape of things within: Happy Day, Digital, Up & Down, White & White, and Monospace are just a few of the spaces within. Check it:

Inspiration: Teal and Tomato

Elena Colombo, designer of amazing meditative firebowls, knows how to combine tomato and teal to good effect. In fact, I’m terribly jealous of her skills, since I adore that color combo but have thus far failed to put it into place in my own home. Consider these four snaps of Colombo’s cute-as-a-button bungalow inspiration for those of us for whom combining colors doesn’t always come naturally!

(all images via)

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

…because for real, look how awesome bright, vibrant color can be!





Go ahead, brighten up your world!

red lamporange chairsyellow rug
green clockblue stoolpurple teapot

The Myth of Magazine Perfection

When I was a kid, it used to really bother me that our house didn’t look like a spread from a magazine… or even a catalog. We didn’t have books neatly stacked in the corners of our end tables or fresh flowers on our night stands. There was stuff, and oh, how that stuff offended me. Count me as one of the few kids who gladly put their toys away. I Looking back as an adult, though, I understand that some stuff is necessary. Sometimes the day is such that you simply cannot contemplate going around the house before bed to straighten up. That’s not to say you can’t have a clean, sharp-looking domicile most of the time, but real people have stuff. The chances of your house looking like these model interiors from West Elm on most days is pretty slim, right?

Yet even though I know that much is true, I still have my doubts about the relative neatness of my little Cape. Is it neat enough? Should I de-clutter more frequently? Does *that* or even *that* need to be in plain sight? My seven-year-old self constantly compares my house to the pages of catalogs and staged homes found in magazines full of stuff I may never be able to afford. Does anyone else have this problem? I’d love to hear I’m not alone!

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