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Think Pink! (Seven Ways)

One of my favorite bits from the movie Funny Face is the Think Pink! routine. And seriously, I’m a huge sucker for pink, more so now since having a girl baby. Not, mind that I set out to pinkify her life – but everyone else in existence apparently did. Now that I’m finally working on her room, I’ve chosen a deep pink, black, and white scheme, mainly because it’s solid, girly palette without being immature, and as a combo, it never has been terribly unpopular in my lifetime so it won’t look ridiculously out of date five or ten years from now. Pink can be babyish, of course, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are seven sweet examples of how one might use pink inside and outside of one’s home, with not a single nursery in sight:


Inspiration: Orange!

Orange needs no introduction! Bright and cheerful, but also a little maddening,orange is a power color. How often do you see around you? You might be surprised at how readily you answer – it’s hard not to notice orange whether it’s the paint on a wall or a single accent piece in an otherwise colorful room. It’s a playful color, and creative, too, though some people find it too overwhelming to take in anything more than limited quantities. How can you use orange in your home? Here’s some yummy orange inspiration to stimulate your creative juices!

Under the cut, you’ll find plenty (more…)

Never’s Dream House

Imagine you could pull any room from any house or flat and replace the same room in your house or flat with a snap of your fingers or the flip of a switch. Too bad life doesn’t work that way, but it sure is fun to design a whole new house in your head! My current dream house boasts a lot of white, bright colors, and a baby pink clawfoot tub, mmmm.

(via – a way too cute blog!)



(via – which is my new fave blog)

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Now, if you have a minute or two to spare for little ol’ me, post a link to a pic of your dream rooms!

An Image Is Worth a Couple Hundred Words

Just goes to show you that a room doesn’t have to be “finished” to be finished.


Not Just For Political Oopses Anymore

That’s right, I’m talking about whitewash. Who would think that slaked lime and chalk could make such a lovely paint for walls, ceilings, floors, exteriors, and furniture? And while whitewash can look delicate, it’s actually quite durable due to the fact that it cures through a reaction with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to form calcium carbonate in the form of calcite – a reaction known as carbonatation. And if that’s not enough to sell you on whitewash, it’s also mildly anti-bacterial and anti-microbial! (Er, though authentic, traditional whitewash will rub off on clothing, so I recommend using a more modern version of the stuff.) Isn’t it pretty?

(Images via: 1,3,4,5,6)

Spotlight: M. Design Interiors

I’m still on a color kick – since I need to do something about my way-too-neutral living room – so here’s some whole house inspiration from Molly Luetkemeyer of M. Design Interiors. There are plenty more sweet pics under the cut!


Inspiration: HI-Hotel

Looking for color inspiration? You can’t go wrong with snaps of the HI-Hotel in Nice, France. Designed by Matali Crasset, the public spaces and rooms of this super chic hotel are all designed with different and vibrant color combinations, minimalist details, and an eye toward crispness and modernity. The rooms are all named with monikers that often reflect the shape of things within: Happy Day, Digital, Up & Down, White & White, and Monospace are just a few of the spaces within. Check it:

Ikea Kids – Then and Now

Ikea has been around for a pretty long time, and they’ve been making cool stuff for kids and babies since the 60s. I came across pics of an old Ikea high chair and kid’s table and chair set. Here’s how they compare to their modern counterparts.

The Dino high chair designed by Charlotte Rude and Hjordis Ohlsson-Une was sold in 1969. With its wide base and lack of tray, it was designed to pull right up to the dining room table, much like the Stokke high chair (we have one and loooove it). The ANTILOP high chair is one of today’s Ikea high chair offerings – that and the SPOLING – and, I believe, is meant to be used with the optional tray. Karin Morbing designed the gorgeous red table set in 1963, and I think it’s a hell of a lot nicer than the modern LÄTT set, and not only because the 1963 version was made of solid wood!

(Images via: 1, 2, 3, 4)

Inspiration: Teal and Tomato

Elena Colombo, designer of amazing meditative firebowls, knows how to combine tomato and teal to good effect. In fact, I’m terribly jealous of her skills, since I adore that color combo but have thus far failed to put it into place in my own home. Consider these four snaps of Colombo’s cute-as-a-button bungalow inspiration for those of us for whom combining colors doesn’t always come naturally!

(all images via)

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

…because for real, look how awesome bright, vibrant color can be!





Go ahead, brighten up your world!

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