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An Image Is Worth a Couple Hundred Words

Just goes to show you that a room doesn’t have to be “finished” to be finished.


Inspiration: Sleeping Small

The bedroom in one of the many houses I lived in growing up was tres tiny. You could fit a twin bed, a dresser, and thanks to a nook in one wall, a rather small desk. That was it, and don’t think there was a lot of floor space for teenage-style lounging because there wasn’t. There was about enough space to get in and out, to open the drawers of the dresser and to pull out my desk chair. Would my bedroom have made a wonderful walk-in closet or craft room? Surely. But the fact is that sometimes you have a tiny room, and that tiny room needs to be a bedroom.

With that in mind, here are some images of adorable tiny bedrooms that are small with regard to space, but full of spirit:



I Don’t Know Who Frankie Is, But He Sure Puts Together One Hell of a Bedroom

Don’t you just hate it when a shop puts together a room a that make you want to sell your husband* and then has links to all the stuff you’d need to buy to make your room look just. like. that? I felt that feeling today when browsing at Wake Up Frankie – a store I really ought to stay away from, since their tagline is ‘Fashion for your room” as if that’s the only space you have and they’re featured in such fine publications as Cosmo Girl and American Cheerleader. Yeesh.

But still, I’m loving this black, white, and yellow bedroom, even though I’m a super mature grown-up lady and definitely not a teenage girl (not even just in my mind even a little bit, cross my heart).

All that’s missing is this uber sweet Marilyn Monroe chair:

*But that’s only because the *me* who’d really want the above bedroom is the me of, oh, twelve years ago, and back then I didn’t even have a husband, so there. It’s really only the chair I want, anyway, and with the economy, surely no one is buying husbands?

Going Gray

gray grey

I’ve had a love affair with gray since my teens when I painted the walls of my bedroom varying shades of gray. As a color, gray is frequently associated with neutrality — being neither white, nor black — and cool self-control. Because of its versatility and ability to harmonize with a variety of other hues, the color gray often serves as a backdrop to other, more vivid colors. But shades of gray can be their own perfect palette instead of highlighting bright yellows or pinks. Used on their own, shades of gray can make for a dramatic and bold or calm and soothing space, depending on how they’re used.

According to Wikipedia: “Most grey pigments have a cool or warm cast to them, as the human eye can detect even a minute amount of saturation. Yellow, orange, and red create a “warm grey”. Green, blue, and violet create a “cool grey”. When there is no cast at all, it is referred to as “neutral grey”, “achromatic grey” or simply “grey”. The color grey is often associated with aging or the passage of time, likely due in part to the decreased pigment-production of hair follicles in time, corresponding to the greying of human hair. In this context, grey is often used synonymously with “elderly”, as in “the grey pound” or “grey power” (when referring to the economic or social influence of the elderly), or as used by groups such as the Gray Panthers.”

You have your choice – go gray on your walls, go gray with accessories, or go gray down to the smallest detail. It’s easy, when there are so many different grays to choose from! Here are some inspiring images to get you started, and tomorrow I’ll show you how you can go gray for less than $25!

gray bedroom

gray bathroom

gray dining room fromdesignsponge

gray living room

gray office


gray living room 2

Give Me A Palace of Pink

Looking for ideas for your little chick’s room? Meg of WHATEVER created this tented bed set-up for her wee ones using blankets and ribbons and flowers, oh my. The best part? It’s in a corner, so behind the pillows is what might be a secret princess sanctuary with ample seating and space to play in a pink-tinted atmosphere.

tent bed

Nice, right? I would have killed, figuratively speaking, for a bed such as this when I was about seven or so. Alas, my mom was never the girly type so my dreams of having a canopy bed or something similar will have to be passed on to my own daughter, who will no doubt want a racebar bed, much to the delight of her papa.

All You Need Is Love (Pillows)

Love pillows? Oh boy! Er, unless they’re the most definitely NSFW Japanese love pillows. The love pillows below are not those, however, and are perfectly appropriate for workplace viewing so long as blog browsing isn’t the sort of thing likely to get you sacked. Enjoy!

love pillow

$24 at Nesta

love pillow toast and tables

At Maison de Vacances

love pillows 3

£29 at Lush Designs

love pillows 2

I found this one here, but I don’t have any clue where it came from originally.

love pillows 1

And these pretty pillows came from Living, Etc.

A Farmhouse, Not Farmy

I’m loving the 1840s farmhouse the painter Sean Scherer shares with his partner, Marc Mayer. It’s rather deceptive — outside it has all sorts of rustic charm, while the inside is home to botanical, zoological, and anatomical artifacts. Mercury glass shares space with transferware and precise renderings of human guts. Where else can you find an old slaughterhouse table share space with midcentury Scandinavian ceramics and newsprint wallpaper all in one space?

farmhouse bedroom

farmhouse kitchen

farmhouse living room

farmhouse kitchen 2

Style to Fool the Eye

Commitment-phobic decorators can still get their fun on, sans nails or paint or anything else that will leave a lasting impression. Decals are the order of the day for those who can’t fathom keeping the same decor for more than six months and apartment-dwellers whose landlords have given them a clear thumbs down when it comes to changing anything more than the window treatments. Stick ‘em, unstick ‘em, stash ‘em when maman comes to visit, whatever.

Trompe L'oeil Chair Decals

Old chairs become new again!

Trompe L'oeil Chandelier

Low ceilings no longer mean having to forgo pendant lighting!

Trompe L'oeil Headboard

Why spend a lot on a headboard that doesn’t actually do anything?

Trompe L'oeil Mantle

No fireplace? No problem.

Trompe L'oeil Lights

The chair backs, socket lights, and headboard decals come from Blik, while the mantle decal comes from Urban Lola and the chandelier decal comes from Single Stone Studios.

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