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Collecting the Material For This Furniture Is a Pleasure, Indeed

Short on furniture, but long on beer? Bernard Dier of Chicago, the Pabst Brewing Company, and Dier’s lovely bathing suit-ed ladies have the perfect solution for you. Provided that you have a soldering iron, of course.

You Can Forget About Breakfasting In the Nude

As weird chairs go, I suppose this one could be weirder, but at least it can double as a dish drainer in a pinch. What’s the strangest chair you’ve ever seen?

Little Known Ways to Hack Your Furniture: Eames High Chair

For those of us who love old design and sweet design and timeless design, but also DIY ingenuity, how totally boss is this Eames Hack? Eames chair turned high chair? Yes, please!

From the artists:

Through physically invasive alterations, these once iconic, elite, forms are liberated from their old, restrained image. The project is not a critique of the Eames, but rather a fulfillment of their original ideals.

This project was produced as part of a three day charette in the Department of Industrial Design at The University of the Arts, Philadelphia. The theme of the charette centers around Remake and DIY culture. The purpose of this charette is to explore the role designers have in respect to this emerging culture. The team members for this project are as follows: Jared Delorenzo, Tim Peet, Alexandra Temple Powell, Tom Reynolds, Alie Thomer, and Andrew McCandlish.

From a parental perspective, however, my main criticism of the Eames chair as a high chair would be good luck getting a tricksy toddler’s legs through those holes when she was pitching a fit.

Drawers Upon Drawers

How cool is this multi-drawer and multi-door sideboard from Boco Do Lobo? It’s described as being quite versatile, fitting into various decor schemes because its features various styles of drawers and doors, as well as a variety of materials (glass, wood, leather, lacquer, mirrors, and metals).

As you’d expect from a no-doubt wildly expensive piece of furniture such as this, the Mondrian sideboard features hand-carved this and thats, handmade brass pulls, cut glass knobs, luxe fabric lining in different colors, and so on. When it could be had, it could be had in white and black.

The more current version, the Soho sideboard, has a collection of wood drawers finished in mirror and black glass with etched detailing, gold leaf, diamond matched rosewood veneer, high gloss blue lacquer and white lacquer with hand carved relief patterning.

Wouldn’t it make a fun home for crafting and sewing supplies?

Make Mine Bougainvillea

Mod? Modern? Retro? Reproduction? I just love it when can’t tell just by looking whether a piece of furniture came off the assembly line yesterday or some forty years ago. That’s precisely how I feel about the Hara armchair. Designed by Giorgio Gurioli for Kundalini, it’s described as a “bio-energetic” seat (which means goodness knows what when it comes to furniture).

I just know I dig it. The Hara armchair comes in white, black, orange, red, chocolate, beige, aquamarine, light green, and my fave, bougainvillea. It’s suitable for indoor or outdoor use, since it’s made of lacquered fiberglass treated with UV-protectant. Did I mention it costs the big bucks? Think $4,500, plus shipping.

You’d think they’d hook you up with free delivery!

Eight Not-So-Tiny Reindeer

…or some number, anyway. Brazilian studio Baíta Design (run by Helena Bueno and Heinz Müller) wanted their Reindeer chair to come in various colors and heights.

Imagine sitting down at the end of a long, frustrating day, and relaxing, kicking off your pinchy heels, and hanging up your things all at once. No need to hit the closet on your way to the wine cooler. No need to pick up your giant work purse off the floor before bedtime so you don’t forget that important report in the a.m. Basically, the reindeer chair is a one-stop ‘oh my gosh I am finally home’ station. Once you’re ready to get up, the wine is waiting and you’ve left your workday behind you.

What Is That, Velvet?

Isn’t word association bizarre? I just found a gorgeous chair in the weirdest way possible, and so I want to take you on a short and strange journey through my thought processes. First, you have me remembering me when I shared a basement apartment with a good friend who was kind of nuts – in a fun way, I should add. For a while, he had a thing for saying “What is that, velvet?” in the reediest faux-Jewishy New York accent. I don’t know that anyone in my social circle knew where it came from. Next you have me deciding, on a random Thursday, to Google it, at which time I found out it’s a quote from Coming to America. At roughly the same time, in my search for the quote’s origins, I also found this:

It’s a reproduction of the classic french chair, flocked in blue, pink, purple, red, orange, or green and then upholstered in matching silk. No, it’s not velvet, but it is velvety and possibly less prone to scratches and dings as a result. English Eccentrics makes them to order, so they’re by no means cheap, but they are a lot of fun to look at and I certainly enjoyed finding my way to them!

Build. Unbuild. Build. Sit.

Fun and function are not mutually exclusive in these “Cojines Cojines” cushions by Nani Marquina. Colorful building blocks and floor pillows come together in this cushions with small magnets that let you connect them any which way – longer, shorter, whatever you want. Unicolor? Multicolor? It’s up to you!

I love stuff like this. Superfun!

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Sit Back and Relax… Or Slam Out Some Stress

Who hasn’t punched a pillow or kicked a couch in a moment of heated anger? As stress-relief goes, it’s convenient, sure, and doesn’t carry the same stigma as, say, breaking plates by pitching them at the nearest wall. But is it truly satisfying? Maybe not as satisfying as this aggressively cool piece of furniture commissioned by Italian furniture manufacturer Campeggi for the 2010 Milan Design Week.

German designer Tobias Fraenzel, maker of the ping pong door and coloring book wallpaper, has created a one-of-a-kind sofa with a back cushion that can be lifted up to form a punching bag or kick bag. Now wailing on that would be much more fulfilling than punching a pillow, no? The verdict? Safe, good for exercise, and overall pretty sleek.

About As Custom As You Can Get

Long story short: A mom upholstered her couch and chair in muslin and let daughter (along with said daughter’s friends) loose on what was basically a blank canvas.

What do you think? On one hand, it’s a bit messy, but on the other hand I could see someone paying big bucks for something similar if it had a designer name attached.

And I’m a little jealous – when I was four or so, I created a masterwork on my maman’s couch using Sharpie, but my efforts were most definitely not appreciated.


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