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Manolo for the Home: House, Home and Lifestyle Advice - Part 126

Stupid Kitchen Crap!

The Beard likes his counter space, and I like my cabinet space. Put us together, and you’re talking about a couple that doesn’t much care for pointless kitchen gadgets. What makes a kitchen gadget pointless? Think about gimmicky tools that only have one function and furthermore have a large countertop footprint. A truly beautiful kitchen is not cluttered up with silly gadgets or time saving devices that are nothing more than a waste of your time.

When the holidays roll around, thousands if not millions of people decide that there’s nothing their loved ones want more than the gadgets they saw in infomercials and on the discount shelves of their local supermarkets. Why this is, I cannot guess. The end result is that people who prefer that their kitchen tools perform multiple tasks have to grin and say things like, “Why, how thoughtful…I’m sure we’ll find somewhere to put it.”

Do yourself a favor and don’t saddle anyone on your holiday gift list with these:

Say goodby to your prep surfaces!

At my house, we make an awesome pizza in this pizza cooker we like to call “an oven.” Fans of dedicated pizza cookers say that they make a better pizza faster, but the only place I could put something this unwieldy happens to be exactly where The Beard rolls out his homemade dough. And I love homemade dough too much to make that sacrifice.
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Cube It – It’s Hip to Be Square

Sit on it. Put your feet on it. Whatever.

Cubes have gotten a bad rap, what with so many people working in those ucky tight workspaces commonly known as cubes. This utterly adorable jacquard cube makes it easy to forget that you’re chained to a whole different sort of cube for eight hours each day. You can put your feet up on it after a long stint at the office and then use it as makeshift seating when one too many post-dinner visitors come knocking at your door.

In fact, just keep your feet up. Speak in hushed tones, and whoever is asking to be let in will give up and go away so you can enjoy a little sit down and a big glass of wine in peace.

Stretch Your Decorating Budget By Shopping Your Home

When The Beard and I moved into our new house, we didn’t exactly have a lot of moolah left over to dedicate to decor. Our apartment was of course nothing like the house, and I’m big into decorating to suit a space. I could have just settled and saved–to some extent I still am–but who wants to live in an uncomfortable habitat? Not me, that’s for sure.

Note that this is not actually my house

I feel good and work well in spaces that have a nice homey quality to them. Had I just moved each room of the apartment to the corresponding room of the house, I would have gone crazy. Maybe it’s just an obsessive compulsivity that drives me to want everything to be in its rightful place, but I knew that I needed to make my house into my home as quickly as possible.
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How much is a husband worth?

Jacuzzi Fuzion™ 7260 Two Person Single Pump Whirlpool w/ Wenge Decking and Illumatherapy - EG20-EG50Jacuzzi Fuzion™ 7260 Two Person Single Pump Whirlpool Undermount w/ Chromatherapy - EG10-EG40

There aren’t many things for the home I would consider swapping The Beard for, but after a long and annoying day, an evening spent lounging in a whirlpool bath sounds a lot better than an evening spent discussing pending bills. He’s lucky that Fuzion baths are built for two.

Uncluttered Workspaces Inspire Ideas

This kid’s gonna go places

I found this pic via the Uncluttered Workspaces pool on Flickr. This particular space belongs to Timothy Andres, a master’s student and composer with a real flair for color and design.

As you’re going to discover, I have the serious hots for sparse interiors, which probably explains my sudden inclination to rabidly exorcise my own cluttered office after scrutinizing this pic.

Momma Nature’s special touch

BDC-Bud in ChocolateSPC-Sprout in Chocolate
SG-Summer GrassAILGO-Ailanthus in Grass and Sunshine
It’s hard to get up off the couch when Mother Nature herself is telling you to sit back…to relax…that whatever important stuff you have to do can wait for another few hours. Bring the outside in at your own risk, people. Botanical prints may cause a blissful lethargy that leaves you feeling way less stressed…and way less productive.

Manolo for the Home

Manolo shouts, Let the Home Blogging Begin!

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