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Manolo for the Home: House, Home and Lifestyle Advice - Part 32

Never Again Lose Your Keys Thanks to Megakey!

There are lots of wacky keyholders out there, and here is another. I can’t decide whether I like the giant novelty key keyholder or not, but it’s not exactly unattractive.

Now let’s all think of other giant versions of things that can be used to store the normal sized versions of those things. A giant egg in which to put eggs? Huge fruit bowl shaped like fruit? Any ideas?

Inspiration: Save A Seat

They may not be insanely comfy, but vintage theater seats and stadium seats can be an awesome addition to a super chill household. That’s where I think they belong, anyway, because old stadium seats that have been refinished are still going to be less than perfect. Unless you’re the cool kind of person who thinks unperfect is perfect, dig?

These vintage theater seats were salvaged from a movie theater in Chicago that closed down in the 50’s. Awesome. And they’re for sale for $950 at Rhapsody Attic , which is awesome if you happen to have a thousand bucks around. Plus shipping. A whole lot of shipping.

How can you not love these?

(Images via Rhapsody Attic and Penny’s Enchanting Home)

The Secret to Hosting Guests Sans Stress

What is it that they say about having house guests and fresh fish? Both start to stink after a couple of days? I’d posit that the expiration date on playing host to one or more people arrives much, much sooner when those people are sleeping in your house. Especially if you don’t have the space for an actual guest room and guest bathroom, and there are consequently suitcases and makeup cases spilling their contents all over your living room.

I think we’ve all been trained to believe that guest houses are something only those with lots of money or lots of property or both can have, but what if your guest house is simply a watertight cozy little structure tucked into one corner of your garden?

With a Beltima Chalet Chambre, your guests still have to trek in to use the toilet, but everything from reading to sleeping to face washing can be accomplished somewhere out of your hair so you and your loved ones can remain on good terms when stays are extended. I have no clue how much one would cost, but I love the idea. I wonder if the bottom bunk could be removed and replaced with a desk, turning the whole thing into an adorable detached office?

Burlap Bag Craftiness

Have an old burlap coffee bag, potato sack, or rice bag squished up somewhere in your closet because it was just too interesting to throw out but too large to use as a lunch bag or tote? Never fear! Some of my favorite bloggers have got you covered with burlap bag craftiness that is in many cases, super easy. And in the cases where it is, the results are super awesome. Here are some of the ideas that got the crafting center of my brain humming:

A sweet burlap pillow (via)

A useful burlap apron (via)

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NtB Loves: Bedding By Branch Handmade

I love Branch Handmade‘s screen printed bedding in simple black and white – the images are classic, but the way they’re used is eye-catchingly contemporary. In Branch’s bedding collection, you’ll find everything from guns to gilded cages, along with bikes, birds, and even orchids.

Aaaaaaand they make tea towels and clothes, too, so the fun doesn’t have to stop in the bedroom. The bikes are def my favorite Branch Handmade print – what’s yours?

When Fruit Goes Bad

If there aren’t enough shifty-eyed fruit in your life – wait, that doesn’t sound quite right, does it – then Madam Pickay has got you covered. That’s the home of a shop that has vintage… well, everything. From signs (like a pig saying “Suck, Damn It, Don’t Blow” to commemorate your visit to “Unadilla N.Y.- Home Of Boy Scouting”) to salt shakers, real iron irons to buttons and keys, Madam Pickay may just have the shifty fruit sign or whatever else you’re looking for.

You Can Forget About Breakfasting In the Nude

As weird chairs go, I suppose this one could be weirder, but at least it can double as a dish drainer in a pinch. What’s the strangest chair you’ve ever seen?

Fungi Shui

How faaareakin’ adorable is this limited edition fungi shelf designed by Katharina Mischer? Limited Fungi brings endangered mushroom species to life and is a part of the RealLimited series, which points out limitations in reality. And speaking of limits, Mischer’s unique shelf is being presented in an extremely limited run of just 12.

The work features an endangered Austrian fungi species figured in tin, growing on an old “rotten” wooden board. Each tin mushroom is numbered and represents one mushroom left in reality.

Buying Limited Fungi (you can find it at Droog) helps saving biodiversity, as part of the price goes to environmental projects that try to save the lovely Kuehneromyces Lignicola, which is the specific fungi species included in the shelf.