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Manolo for the Home: House, Home and Lifestyle Advice - Part 98

Inspiration From Graham & Brown

The one person I know who was absolutely stoked to hang wallpaper eventually discovered that hanging wallpaper frequently requires stripping wallpaper. Further exploration revealed that stripping ancient wallpaper off of plaster is a huge pain is simply not worth the time invested. I’m pretty sure she eventually gave up and bought a new house rather than have to deal with half-stripped walls.

I don’t think I personally have the energy for wallpaper, but that doesn’t mean I can’t admire it and post about it and encourage you to do what I cannot! Below you’ll find five wallpapers from Graham & Brown that will hopefully delight and inspire.

orange wallpaper

Heavy on the chocolate and light on the orange, Matchsticks looks nothing like its namesake. ($49.99 for 11 yards)

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Furniture With Wings

I have a love-hate relationship with aviation. I’m petrified of flying, though I’ve been doing it regularly since I was a baby and continue to do so because of familial responsibilities. I’ve piloted a small aircraft — an experience I found at once terrifying and exhilarating. And I’m fascinated by the physics of flight, even if the thought of speeding along 30,000 feet above the ground seems a tad, oh, I don’t know, reckless?

Maybe it’s just the feelings of delightful terror talking, but I think I’d like to own my own piece of aviation history, a la MotoArt‘s somewhat intense creations.

albatross couch

The Albatross tank couch is by far my favorite piece. What is that thing? Apparently, it’s a pontoon with more rivets than you can shake a stick at. Like all MotoArt’s creations, you have to request the price, which means it’s automatically waaaaay out of my price range. *sniff*

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Stacked Storage

If the detritus of living can’t be hidden away in a drawer or cabinet, the next best thing is to hide it away in some attractive vessel. I, for example, have fabrics and sewing accessories strewn about my office in a most irritating fashion — I have a basket for my threads and a basket for my cloth, but somehow everything from shears to patterns find their way onto the floor. For you, it may be papers, books, art supplies, or crafting gear, but stuff needs to get out of the way.

nesting boxesstacking boxes

For odds and ends storage, I like stacking nesting boxes in cute patterns because you can slide them into empty corners, but they don’t take up a whole lot of space. These particular boxes come from the unfortunately named Dot Com Gift Shop, which has all manner of sweet little things for the home. If, however, you would rather make your own boxes, there is no shortage of instructional books out there, like Gift Box Studio and Creating Books & Boxes.

Too Much Matchy-Matchy?

In the latest issue of Cottage Living, interior designer Jackie Terrell said that “Too much match-matchy can kill a house by taking away its vibration or life.”

retro kitchen

I have to respectfully disagree…sometimes. While looking up photos of rooms in which one color dominated, I’ll admit that I saw a lot of duds. This kitchen created by Pam of RetroRenovation, on the other hand, rocks my socks!

Everything Old Is New Again

This room is from http://www.omodern.com/Eurobad/euro.html, a site that bills itself as an exhibition of Europe’s worst interiors of 1974.

Eurobad ‘74

Funny how it looks just like some of the kids’ bedrooms you’ll see in the pages of the nicer decor magazines. It just goes to show you that no matter how reviled a color scheme, furniture style, or overall look is in one decade, you can be pretty sure it will be on the hot list again in just a few years.

Breakfast Nooks, Four Ways

I always wanted a breakfast nook — what I got instead was a kitchen that’s the size of some nooks. The fact that I really like saying the word ‘nook’ aside, having a cozy, sunny, family-oriented space in which to eat breakfast and other casual meals is a wonderful thing.

Breakfast Nook
Via Cottage Living

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240cc of Water, Stat

plant IV

Maybe it’s just my aversion to all things medical — I prefer to think of myself as solid inside like a potato — but these refillable I.V.s for plants from Vitamin Living really, really give me the creeps.

The Pink Tree Dilemma

In the grand tradition of big box stores that start pumping out Christmas music just after Halloween, I thought I’d think about my least favorite season early this year so it didn’t sneak up on me unawares. It’s not difficult when stores like Domestications are starting to preview their holiday wares. Growing up, we always had live fir trees ready for post-Christmas planting adorned with real candles, but in recent years I haven’t done much of anything to mark the season.

Naturally all that beautiful real tree, real fire ambiance was lost on school-age me, and I dreamed of having a pretty pink tree like this one.

7-Foot Pre-Lit Trees

While grown-up me dreams of having the candles of yesteryear, she doesn’t particularly relish the thought of her house burning down when one of the cats decides to catch one of the flickering orange sprites that have landed all over the tree. And while real trees are wonderful, I always feel a little guilty for killing a tree just to spruce up (rimshot) the house a little. Last year, I almost convinced The Beard that we needed a red tree of all things, but maybe pink really is the way to go.

Would this be vintage 50s cool or so horribly tacky as to be classified a crime against nature? You tell me: